KF Perm bought a fruit company in Bulgaria

For the production of "Correct sweets" Permian confectioners took the "right" materials.

OJSC "Confectionery" Perm "acquired Bulgarian fruit processing plant" Hemako "to reinforce its line of fruit-based sweets. 

Boris Schweizer, CEO of "Confectionery" Perm ":

— At the beginning of next year we will launch a new line of products based on natural fruit. To do this, we purchased raw materials in Bulgaria — the company "Hemako" that processes fruit. It works 13 years on the market. We purchased a ready-made business to develop the range of "Right sweets" have this "right" materials.

"Hemako" produces natural fruit puree without conservation, colors, flavors, based on plums, apples, cherries and other fruits and berries. Logistics will be organized through the warehouse candy factory in Moscow.

According to Boris Schweitzer, the demand for "Right sweets" — Confectionery based on natural fruit juice and puree — was high. They are interested in not only the Permian retailers, but also the federal grocery chains, such as "Dixie." Today, however, facilities "Perm" is enough to provide a "correct sweets" only the local market. In confectionery expect that the introduction of a new production line and raw material base in Bulgaria will cover a wide demand and expand the geography of sales of "the Right of sweets."

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