Khaschevatsky: Dmitry Bondarenko not see out his term until the end of

Directed by Yuri Khaschevatsky, author of films "Ordinary President", "Area", and others, today in a conversation with "Freedom", commented sentence of two years colony Dmitry Bondarenko:

"I think that the authorities that decision taken away from Dmitri two years life. After all, we must remember that we came to power, Lukashenko has in fact taken away 17 years of life. And the regime continues do it.

Of course, Dmitry Bondarenko be two years in prison in captivity — it's not sugar. But he will stand, I'm sure. And I think that Dmitry not see out his term until the end. The end of this period for Bondarenko will sit out the ones who gave him this time. "

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