Killer 24 Iraqi civilians inhabitants received several months bullpen

Killer 24 Iraqi civilians received several months in prison

In the United States ended the trial of Sgt F. Vuterihom. Specifically it while serving in Iraq in November 2005 gave the order under which 24 Iraqis were shot. Wouter for this he was sentenced to three months in prison, stripped of his rank and a fine.

The official verdict in the case of Sergeant Frank Vuteriha be announced recently. But the verdict is already known. Staff Sergeant USMC F. Wouter for the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians, the freedom that so long protected the Americans got three months' imprisonment, a fine of 75 percent of the monthly salary, was also demoted. Such softness sentence explained by the fact that the headSgt. made a deal with the investigation. He pleaded guilty in official misconduct. In this connection, the other charges were dropped. The other seven soldiers, is accused in the case, is on the loose. Most of the defendants were released for voluntary testimony and cooperation with the investigation.

The episode of which Frank condemned Vuteriha, received the title of the press, "The massacre in Haditha." This city is located in the province of Al-Anbar, which is the center of the Iraqi guerrilla movement. In 2004 — 2005,. in the province of coalition troops killed more than at least some other parts of the country. Patrol Company K ("Kilo") of the third battalion of the first regiment of the First Division, commanded by Staff Sgt Frank Vuteriha moving in several vehicles, one of which hit a mine. As a result, the explosion one Marine died and two were wounded. Then Sgt. ordered to scour the countryside to defeat the militants. Marines in 45 minutes bypassed the coming home, having shot with all this, 24 people. It should be noted that they have not met any resistance. Himself Sgt. Wouter distinguished shooting mother with a child. Management then reported that the civilian victims of the explosion. The South American command for the destruction of each victim paid the family for two thousand bucks.

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