Killer Colonel Budanov not be convicted without the help of Chechnya

Killer Colonel Budanov not be convicted without the help of Chechnya

Moscow, investigators turned to the Chechen law enforcement agencies to assist in the investigation of the murder of Yuri Budanov, former Russian army colonel. "Rosbalt" reports that GSM RF IC in Moscow sent to Chechnya request for assistance in identifying a suspect in the head crime — Magomed Suleymanov.

According to the operative data, the true name of the suspect Yusuf Haji Temerhanov (or Temirkhanov). But there is no documentary evidence of this fact in the real moment. And without the identity and the motive remains unclear murder. Sulejmanov had circumstances revenge Budanov, while they have Temerhanova significant — by some reports his father was killed by the feds. In addition, not yet established personality arrested, it is unrealistic to indict him in the final version.

Operatives, it was found that the documents issued in the name of Suleimanova accused the police department of the town of Argun August 1, 1996, when there was a war in Chechnya, and all the files were eventually destroyed. Other evidence that people with such data existed, could not be found. All friends detainee named Yusuf Haji, and one resident of Moscow told that about 10 years ago, has entered into a sham marriage with Yusuf Haji Hizrievichem Temerhanovym, a native of the village Geldagen (Chechnya), and confidently identified in Magomed SULEYMANOVA own "wife".

Because GUS SC asks Chechen law enforcement agencies to find documentary evidence of the fact that Moscow was delayed specifically Temerhanov. In addition, the requested data and family members Yusuf Haji. But Moscow to help Chechen colleagues do not expect much. Sulejmanov-Temerhanov in Chechnya is considered a hero of the state, because complicate his fate no one will.

47-year-old Yuri Budanov killed June 10, 2011 around 12:00 in the center of Moscow, when he came out of the notary's office, which is located at the Komsomolsk prospectus. Unknown was made four shots in the head with a pistol.

Initially it was assumed that the two met sin. But the poll showed the witness the killing done by one person. In addition, the medical examination proved his sanity. According to the views of the doctors at the time of the crime he fully understood his actions.

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