Kondrusiewicz: Current Easter has the character of much sympathy in connection with the attack

On the eve of Passover, Metropolitan of Minsk and Mogilev, Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz addressed a congratulation to Christians:

"Dear brothers and sisters! Christ is risen! Truly He is risen! I welcome you all to this Christian greetings and congratulations on the occasion of holidays — Easter Christ.

Today's Easter — special, Christians around the world this festival is celebrated on the same day. Holiday Zmertvyhpavstannya Jesus Christ — a celebration of life. His death and resurrection of Christ has conquered sin and death of the evil spirit, he opened the closed from the time of Adam gates of Paradise for every person, has given new hope. Hope that with the death of a man's life does not end.

Unfortunately, the current Easter is in the nature of great compassion, sorrow into our country in connection with the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro. Our holiday was overshadowed by these events. Through the truth of the Resurrection, we must look at the Minsk tragedy that flows into the Calvary, in the patience of Jesus Christ. "His patience, I fill up the patience of Jesus Christ," — says the Apostle Paul. Therefore, in the light of the Gospel, we want to give people new hope, to draw all those who suffered, who is weeping for their loved ones, that there is hope that the death of the victims of the Minsk subway does not go in vain. It should further unite us, to wake up to be responsible for our future, for our lives, for our country.

Let this sacrifice, which flows into the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, will lead all of us, our entire society to the Resurrection, so we really could build a civilization of life and love, and mutual respect. "


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