KUB-Gas has started drilling Olgovskaya-24

Ltd. "KUB-Gas" (Lugansk) has started drilling the wells "Olgovskaya-24" (Olgovskoe gas field, Luhansk region.), Said at the site of Warsaw Stock Exchange majority shareholder — Serinus Energy Inc. (Previously — Kulczyk Oil Ventures Inc., Canada, the major assets in Ukraine).


The design depth of the well — 2,45 km, the drilling will take about 70 days.

The largest potential gas zone "Olgovskoy-24" — B6 Bashkirian.

As reported, the daily production rate "Olgovskaya-12", oil on which is also from the Bashkirian, this month is 4.43 million cubic meters. feet of gas and 67 barrels of condensate.

"KUB-Gas" develops Olgovskoe, Makeyevka, North Makeyevka, Vergunskoe and Krutogorivskoe fields in the Dnieper-Donets Basin.

Companies Serinus Energy owns 70% "KUB-Gas", American Cub Energy Inc. — 30%.

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