Kuban breeder brought cold-resistant varieties of peas

In fact, to derive the formula of winter peas, Ashot Kalaydzhyan spent twenty years. Cross-breeding of varieties, natural selection, and thousands of experiments. Finally, long-term experience was a success. Of the five seeds have grown five pea bushes, which continue to bloom even in November. Seeds of Doctor of Agricultural Sciences dropped in August (two months later than the family decided to plant legumes), and has twice managed to gather the harvest.

— A new variety of peas in 2.5-3 times more fruitful. The beans are much longer, wider. The number of seeds inside more. 9-10 against the usual five.

Winter peas different from the usual, not only high yield but also taste. It is much softer and sweeter.

Despite the fact that winter peas can endure low temperatures, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences is planning to put a legume crop in the greenhouse. While its scientific development Kalaydzhyan not loudly declares. Waiting for winter peas finally settle down. Only then can we talk about how to grow it on an industrial scale in the fields of the Kuban.

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