Kuban scientists have created exclusive varieties of rice

To improve the quality characteristics of varieties Kuban scientists in recent years much has been done with the involvement of as the starting material for breeding high-quality variety of the world genkollektsii. As a result, created exclusive varieties with a matte (non-transparent) surface of the grains, with high nutritional value, krasnozernye, chernozernye, coarse, which are analogues of imported models, but adapted to grow in the Krasnodar Territory.

Popularity with consumers becoming more and more red rice varieties Rubin, Mars. Grades Viola and Violetta with a matte (non-transparent) surface grains were already fixed in the consumer market and are used for infant and dietetic foods.

Sort Anahit with large corn kernels and the special structure of the starch is recommended for cooking Italian food risotto and paella, which was previously used only Italian Arborio variety breeding, imported into Russia in minor amounts.

Quite a unique brand for the Russian was recently created by breeders All-Russian Research Institute of Rice grade Southern night, having not only the black color of the fruit shell, but a matte (non-transparent) surface grains. Cooked grits from South nights in appearance similar to caviar. Useful properties thereof are not only to maintain the cooking of microcells but also in the properties of the dietary product.

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