Kurganmashzavod increases production

 Photo source:sdelanounas.ru

During 10 months of 2011, JSC "Kurgan", which is under the control of the company "Concern" Tractor plants "(included in the Machinery &Industrial Group NV), increased its production of civilian goods in half, compared to the same period in 2010.
The increase in the production of civil engineering in the absence of state defense order for special products allows Kurganmashzavod minimize losses, providing a certain extent, equipment loading and collective enterprise.
The main increase production of civilian goods in one of the leading enterprises of the domestic defense industry gave ATVs CHETRA TM130. The volume of their output has increased almost 3 times, the press service of the concern.

CHETRA TM terrain vehicle may be operated in areas with moderately cold climate at an ambient temperature of 40 to 40 degrees. The main buyers of transport vehicles are oil and gas companies, including geological organizations, enterprises of the extractive industries.
The increase in production skid steer loaders (MKSM) and the caravan was about 40. This largely explains the pent-up demand, which was formed in utilities and construction companies during the crisis.
At the same time, if we compare these figures with those that have been in 2008, it is still the pre-crisis level of production of civilian goods could move beyond only for tracked vehicles, trailers for the lag is about 15, according to MKSM available volumes is still at least doubled.
Diversification of production in the direction of civil defense in the enterprises Russia continues, but the process is long and complex. Need modern technology and equipment, advanced scientific and engineering developments since the consumer interested in a quality product, not inferior in terms of technical and operational requirements of the world standards. On Kurganmashzavod conversion scheme has been operating for about 20 years, which in fact proved itself.

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