Kursk rescue the second time in a row were the best in the country

General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Kursk region was the best in the Russian Federation on the results of work in 2012.

Kursk division MOE is already about 10 years at the forefront in almost all areas. Four times it was recognized the best in the Central Regional Center (2008-2011 gg., 2012), three times — in the Ministry (2005, 2011, 2012.).

These figures — the result of a fruitful and continuous work to ensure the safety of the population of the Kursk region. An important aspect of it — reducing deaths on all fronts: on the water and fires on the road and as a result of industrial accidents. So, for example, in the past year to 3 times the number of deaths decreased by fires, 30% — the death on the water, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Kursk region.

It is in the Kursk region launched pilot projects of national importance in the field of crisis management system.

The most important — the creation of "System-112." The main outcome of the work done in the Kursk region for the existence of the "Service-112" was the decrease in almost half the time of the emergency response of various kinds in the complex application of emergency services.

Today, the number "112" daily receives more than 3 thousand calls (for comparison, in 2008 — 100 calls per day) with requests for assistance, 40% of them relate to emergency services (fire, police, ambulance). In addition, the Kursk failed to realize the main principle of the new system — the principle of "one window" when referring only on a single number, the person receives adequate support to one or more services. A special feature of the single rescue in the fact that the arriving message is controlled by the controller to respond to an emergency as long as is given all necessary assistance.

Central Federal District, Kursk region 



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