Kuzbass Bigfoot exists. Proven!

As many as three independent laboratories — in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the University of Idaho — have completed the analysis of DNA wool Kuzbass yeti. All three have made the same conclusion: biological material does not belong to a primate or human.

"Three DNA test gave virtually the same result. It was found by hair analysis: it is not a human and not a primate, and being very close to the man. It is worth to him a lot closer than even the closest "relative" — chimpanzee "- quoted" Komsomolskaya Pravda "Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Valentin Sapunov, members of the expedition in Azasskoy cave.

According to him, the material studied is identical wool snowmen, which was found earlier in the Urals, near St. Petersburg, in the United States. "In terms of DNA — is being (Yeti) is different from Homo sapiens to within 1%. A DNA closest relatives to humans — chimpanzees — differs from human DNA by more than 1%, "- said the professor. Breathers sure Kuzbass Bigfoot really exists.

The scientist explained what caused such an active search for evidence of the existence of the Yeti. According to him, the snowman can help predict natural disasters. "Animals can anticipate future disasters and the time away from them — from the earthquake, for example, they are somehow connected to the channel information from the future. A snowman in general has a high degree of intuition, he anticipates the event, predicts them even better, he is a champion in this "- said the professor.

In October 2011, in search of Bigfoot was thrown Russian-American expedition. The researchers went to the Kuzbass, taking with him as bait Nikolai Valuev. Athlete on the dimensions just fit the description of female yeti, experts said. However, there has never took the bait. But the expedition was able to collect "irrefutable evidence of habitation in Mountain Shoria Bigfoot."

They are presented at an international conference in the Kemerovo region, where scientists have come from Russian regions, the U.S., Sweden, Canada and Estonia. Among the finds — photos of tracks, seats and haul a few gray hairs. These materials were the subject of study by specialists.



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