Kuzbass Coal mined in 2011, a record in the history of 192.1 million tons of coal

 Photo source:kuzbass85.ru

In 2011, the Kuzbass miners to the surface given a record 192.1 million tons of coal — is 3.4% more than in 2010. As reported in the regional department of the coal industry and energy, including produced 48.8 million tons of coking coal.

Shipment for the year amounted to 186.7 million tonnes (in 2010 — 180.4 million tons), including for export, according to preliminary data, sent 85.5 million tons (At 2010 levels).

With the increase to 2010 worked JSC "SDS-Coal" (+ 6,747,000 tons), LLC "MC" Nina "(+ 3,076,000 tons), JSC" Kuzbass Fuel Company "(+ 1.957 million tonnes), JSC" Strojservis "( + 1.218 million tons), Ltd. "The West Siberian CC" (579 + tons), CJSC IC "Yukas-Holding" (510 + tons).

In 2011, the region was put into operation four new coal enterprises created 3 thousand 700 new jobs.

Coal production in Russia in 2011 amounted to 336 million 268 thousand tons, which is 4% more than in 2010 (323.3 million tons)

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