Kuzbass honors the work of Hero of the Russian Federation

Miner from Kuzbass Vladimir Melnik among the first Russians awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation of Labor. Today, the morning flight, he returned from Moscow to Kemerovo.

With flowers and congratulations right at the ramp of Hero of Labor and members of his team met a miner's deputy governor of the coal industry and energy Andrei Malakhov, administration of the Kemerovo region, the coal companies and journalists.

May 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the title of Hero of Labour revived five other Russians. The ceremony took place at the Constantine Palace in St. Petersburg.
"It was a difficult task — to choose the first winners of the title" Hero of the Russian Federation of Labor, "because we have a lot of talented, successful people, and it was, indeed, a difficult task. In my view, this option has been very successful ", — Putin said at the awards ceremony. "Your work — this is an example for many of us, especially for the young who believe and understand that our country can and must achieve outstanding results the global level? and that these results will be marked by attention ", — said Putin.
The five heroes work includes: the famous conductor Valery Gergiev, the machine operator with 38 years of experience, one of the leading Russian experts Agro Yuri Konnov, director of the Institute of Neurosurgery. NNBurdenko, Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences and Academy of Medical Sciences, Alexander Konovalov. Star Heroes of Labor also received machinist mining excavation machinery mine "Kotinskaya" Vladimir Melnik (photo — third from the right) and an expert turner of the sixth category of instrument-making plant in the Chelyabinsk region, Konstantin Chumanov.
It was with a team of Vladimir I. Miller connected famous throughout Russia Kuzbass records. In 2006, "kotintsy" for the first time in the history of the Russian coal industry was given one stope 4,000,000 tons of coal. The most successful teams for the team was in 2007. Installed two coal-union record: monthly — 552 thousand tons, annual — 4 million 414 thousand tons of coal. In March 2010, the team set a new record monthly production of -707 thousand tons of coal, but the record annual production has not yet been broken.
For achieving best performance, contribution to the development of the coal industry, Vladimir Ivanovich was frequently the regional and departmental awards. Most important — the title of "Hero of the Kuzbass" and "Honored miner Kuzbass" and the gold and silver badges "Miner's prowess."
As Vladimir Melnik, "the title of Hero of the Russian Federation of Labor — is the reward of all his miner's brigade of Kuzbass miners who work for the good of Russia."

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