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There is a default legend that when vazovtsami just beginning to build on the platform of Grant Kalina of the first generation, the creative team (we'll call it so) were divided into two groups. The first group was given a traditional job: to make the concept of a cheap car that meets the needs of its target audience — practical, maintainability, etc. A second group said: here's a list of automobile GOST, here's the original platform — and then do everything to the car was the cheapest possible, just to fit into the standards.

You know, who scored through a fantasy land? The guys in the second group. First worked himself quietly, and the latter climbed to the leadership of the most adventurous offerings. What's the alternator belt tensioner — take it higher! In all seriousness asked to make a non-adjustable front seats, that is generally rigidly welded to the floor, as in some pickups. Uncomfortable? Nonsense tolerated. But what a saving on the sled and assembly operations! Standpipes window in the rear side doors? Do not tell, will manage pasted. Paneling in the trunk, the two outside mirrors? Cross out.
So they do all povycherkivali, without which the machine is, in principle, can ride. The result was a character from a joke about the dog: severed ear, eyes swollen shut, no tail, lame, responds to the nickname "Lucky." It would make us happy and Grant's guests if the factory management did not intervene, saying, yeah, and a seat in the Lada was regulated, and windows were all the doors, and you, therefore, have decided to make things worse?

In general, ekspiriens went bad and Grant began to build a more reasonable and balanced. The result was a car, though cheap, but with a fair potential for further dovodok and upgrades. And many of the "Grantovsky" solutions already moved to the new Kalina. Not only because of unification — they just fit well into the concept.

Originally positioning strategy was as follows: Grant will exist as the cheapest model VAZ, and only in the sedan. New Kalina (according to the documents it was held as Kalina FL, which means facelift) will be better equipped in the back of a hatchback and wagon. Accordingly, its position in the market should be polstupenki above. But as the grants there was a modification to the "automatic" and then announced a hatchback … Creators Kalina FL was only one thing — to make the machine more perfect than Grant, "playing" is not only the type of body and equipment, but also offering a more progressive design. Exactly those same polstupenki. Did it work? Let's take a look.

Body Kalina-2 is largely the essence of a combination of existing solutions. Frame structure is basically the same from Kalina, but the front end (the spars, the front panel) of Grants, has a higher resistance to torsion. Grants are also taken from the front exterior panels — the bonnet and wings. It's hard to believe, but on the front fascia unification almost complete! For this one last time before starting the Grants had to alter its bumper, only to raise the docking connector, providing subsequent unification. And this despite the fact that two different models of lighting fixtures.

Motor shield upgraded vyshtamovka introduced under the new steering rack mount (more on that later).

Paul on all previous versions — is the foundation of the platform, respectively, the basic geometry (track and base) were left intact. The roof hatch too old, but on the wagon it original, with the original vyshtampovka under the rails (they are going to equip all cars with this type of structure). Roof wagon reinforced at the rear, as well as the rear door frame. A rear door trim panels completely new. The newly made and rear wings — under new lighting equipment and reconfigure the glazing.

Side doors — from Kalina with upholsteries from grants, except in the integrated plastic lining fabric inserts. In connection with the introduction of controls to change the upper front safety belt anchorages. Back, however, too: If the Grant all three rear seat belts are fastened to the back of the shelf, the Kalina-2 side straps are integrated into the sides of the framework and the third strap was attached to the ceiling.

Bumpers, moldings, Tailgate strip — new. A mirror-KALINOVSKIY Grantovsky, let well enough alone.

It is reasonable to assume that the local gain (mainly on the back of the opening) gave a significant increase in body stiffness. But no, the increase was only 3.4%, in absolute terms this is a little more than 11,000 Nm / deg. This brings to mind once again Grant, which, compared with Kalina sedan-just "ripped" in the stiffness of 12.5%! But the question here in the parameters of the starting points: the first Kalina sedan was more pliable than the hatchback and wagon.

For the two new bodies had to order a total of seven molds facial stamps, they made a Japanese firm. Production of stamping equipment took 11 months, plus a few months spent on the setting up of equipment. WHA pays fine punching contractors — Kaluga-Spanish Gestamp and Togliatti plant technological equipment (TZTO).

Now, about the suspension, which Oleg Grunenkov,

Director of the project, a year ago, promised to "substantially revise". "Processing" is reduced to the integration of "Grantovsky" pendants "Kalinovskys' body. Rear toe angle adjustment is introduced and camber, toe angle itself was increased from 0.1 to 0.2. And yet another innovation that vazovtsami considered very important: change the compression buffers, they are longer and have a progressive response. In fact the buffers in the first third of the course creasing function as additional damping elements and only then begin to protect the body from the blows. The shape and stiffness of this element were selected for a long time, even had to change the provider.

In a front suspension shock absorbers changed characteristics (SAAZ), there is now another liquid, another choke. The springs also others harder. Although the suspension travel remains the same.

At the same steering Kalina and even grants were a lot of complaints about the information content, especially in the area of near-zero. I myself have experienced the gamut year ago quite a thrill, driving Grant to maximum speed and trying to keep the car in the lane. In good, the car needed a new amp electric motor, with different characteristics. And a "short" rack. But it is expensive. Therefore, palliative vazovtsami went through: support rail on the motor shield more harshly simply abolishing one of the two elastic elements. Elastokinematics changed and the whole mechanism has a 25% stiffer. There was a fear that it will increase vibronagruzhennost, but no, acoustics did not reveal significant changes.

Motor electric power to recalibrate, it was a three-way effort between the VAZ, Renault and Korean firm Mando, which produces and these motors.

First proposed control air dampers in the climate system through actuators (stepper), improved cooling through the radiator and a larger area of large cells in a false radiator grille (which, of course, zealous owners immediately closed down fine mesh!)

made more pliable bellows release, changed one of the pillars of the power unit …

I've been telling you about the detail and constructive because it is important to understand the vector and the intensity of the VAZ evolution. Do not even know who is more important — consumers or by vazovtsami.

For new Kalina has three motor ascending: 87 l / s, 98 l / s and 106 l / s. All, of course, four-cylinder, 1.6-liter.

First, VAZ 21116, — is the modernization of the classic vosmikalapannika leading its history back to the carburettor version.

Not so long ago, he has fitted lightweight connecting rod and piston group and made a few other improvements, then grew slightly power and quite noticeably — torque.

On the chart, stolen me on some website and clearly shows the advantages of the engine before the 2116 predecessor with severe SHPG (11183-50), and even the old Bole "vosmerochnym" motor (21114).

Unfortunately, the alternator belt tensioner on this engine is not returned — now there is no economic sense: Bosch alternator from India cheaper than domestic.

Engine 21116 will be placed on the basic version of Kalina and aggregated only with a manual 2181. It is, in fact, a new CS in which you saved the only set of gears, everything else in one form or another new. The most important thing — the drive from the selector lever to the gear selection cable now (the Japanese company Atsumitec), which provides isolation from vibrations and increases the sharpness of switching due to reduction of the double play of the lever. Because he selector is located on the top of the transaxle case, the problem disappeared "snotty" selector shaft. In the first and second gear now put Dvuhkonusnye synchronizers. It is equally important for the average consumer and that the reverse gear is now included traditional movement "to the right and back" and blondes will no longer be confused with first gear back.

Shestnadtsatiklapannym engine VAZ 21126 known for Priore, and, of course, by Grant with the "automatic".

Automatic transmission, and it is designed to Kalina. In fact, because this motor and has appeared in a new generation of Viburnum that to him for a long time and reliably adapted four-step "automatic» Jatco AY-K3.

This box, despite some archaic design, great liking vazovtsami, largely because of the reliability. Russian statistics on failures representation Jatco not disclose, but Oleg Grunenkov says that in China since 2010 (where that box is working on a localized version of the Nissan Micra) was only one case of warranty replacement. However, exactly the same words were a year ago. It turns out that over the past year in China at any one box of damage, do not work out, so what?

Speaking of Jatco. Their Russian representative, intelligent Yasuda-san, as soon as he saw me — mysteriously smiled, then she-interpreter said, but we are publishing a translation into English and send to Japan. Hmmm … I do not know what they were transferred, but the Japanese first came up to shake my hand in greeting.

Over time, the "machine» Jatco calibrate and a third engine, the most powerful — VAZ 21127, beginning its "serial" life is on the Kalina-2. I did a little ride on the prototype of such a machine, although vazovtsami officially deny its existence. Now the 106-strong 21127 comes with manual transmission only. But again, with time it will displace 21,126 and will go on a complete set not only Kalina, but priors, and top versions Grants.

We have 21127 Motor important feature — variable-length intake manifold. Inlet receiver is divided into two chambers of different volume and at low speed air flows to the cylinders over a longer path. At higher speed shutter is triggered and the air is taken from the already small part of the receiver. Vazovtsami call this "dynamic supercharging system", although it is more properly called a resonance supercharging (air trapped in the reservoir after the closing of the intake valves is in resonance with the air may learn from the outside). Effect when the frequencies — "swapping" of additional air into the cylinders. Vazovtsami used the most simple, two-stage intake, while many are already using three cameras and even experimentin
g with a smooth change in the length or diameter of the duct manifold. But it's still a step forward for domestic dvigatelisty. The new intake system required the use of more than 20 original parts, even the air flow sensor had to be replaced by absolute pressure sensor.

But on the engine range of 1.4 can be easily sing a requiem — they were removed from complete sets of production models and some time will be made only on the secondary market.

Economy Project

If you display the arithmetic mean price of the previous and the current line of Kalin, it appears that more recent models by an average of 14 thousand rubles. In fact, the car remained in the same price category, by 14 thousand is not any more alarms can be supplied. But consumer value it above, and here's why: now "in the database" are readily available 14-inch wheels, one airbag and power steering. Once these options are pulling more than 14 thousand referred to, and in fact there is even more advanced engine and transmission.

The size of investment in the project did not disclose the WHA, arguing only that the investments were relatively small. The main costs occurred in the equipment for the new parts, interior and exterior. Some of the mold of Japan (seven new original stamps) "ate" several million euros. Plus upgrade the welding line and new equipment for the manufacture of plastic parts.

Construction itself, due to the "platform" approach came to be surprisingly inexpensive — many choose not to physical specimens, and in the computer. Here experience helped Alliance engineers who have already abandoned the tests on prototypes, the most that they model — is a body separate areas to check for creasing. The final test is carried out on a pilot series. Something like this happened with Kalina, except that the test cobbles (very expensive, by the way) held twice a prototype and the "pilots". National specific, so to speak. ACT also do not have to recalibrate, because initially all the settings have been made directly to the three body types — "mule" then performed the first Kalina.

Business plan written up to and including 2020, which directly indicates the expected life of the model. But vazovtsami not exclude that Kalina yet go through a modernization in 2017. Well, all sorts of small improvements, as usual, will make along the way. Another restyling is likely to be associated with the introduction of a new corporate identity, the symbol of which now stands Steve Mattin with his concept of X-Ray. The first production model, the design examples from "Mattina" will be the new Priora. Kalina also fall into the apogee vazovskuyu redesign to her new style embody at least three new models.

Kalinowski current design can safely assume that the product of collective creativity. It was like this: first by in-plant competition presented five options for styling, including a rigorous screening were two. It turned out that the "strict examination committee" liked the front part of one Hatch and back — of the other. Decided, as in the movie about Munchausen combine. As a result, several people made out of this single image, so the exterior design authorship belongs to everyone at once. Yes, make a reservation: Denis Lepeshkin, author appearance Grants in this project at all to do with affairs.

Not that interior — made him undisputed Valentina Novikova, a veteran vazovskuyu design center. Nothing really fresh Novikova has not introduced, it's just a good-quality work by a combination of visual and functional.

Steve Mattin did not have time to participate in the design Kalina-2, he came to the WHA after project approval. The only thing he asked to do — narrow front molding and detach it from the headlights. It turned out really harmonious.

Fun fact: after the presentation Kalina-2 Motor Show in 2012, Nissan designers have done a detailed analysis of the report of its appearance. So, it says (I quote the words of Grunenkova) that "the most powerful identity is at the back of the hatchback." And about touring burlesque said: "little Porsche Cayenne».

Vazovtsami began acquaintance with Kalina-2 for a small sports track CEC. Not even the whole route, and on its asphalt area, more like a driving school learning platform. Accelerating direct 200-230 meters, the left arc, then snake with six cones. Not zabaluesh.

The first laps I rode as a goof, with amateurish whistle and a pair of rubber shot down on the snake cones. This is especially sad because the car to me sat representatives Jatco, remembered the last year of our joint trip to Grant a "machine" with an abundance of thrills. In general, after the first two laps the track was left with a feeling of failure.

After several attempts, I began to run in a more-or-less. There has been such a tactic does not include the third at all, even at the end of the booster section, brake a little in advance and not on the floor, or tuck into a turn the car will be very difficult. So here is set up ABS, it just does not have time to join! The wheels are locked during heavy braking and in such a state machine with a speed of about 85 km / h (the limit for the second transmission) time to pass five or six meters before the release and, accordingly, to restore control. So path is chosen, not external, speed, and the inner, slower and pin is passed in first gear.

It is clear that the classical second is much easier to control applied to the wheel now, but second gear it is simply not enough (again: not enough!) For a complete exit from the hairpin, when it passed the phase resetting and it is time to open. At first more difficult to work with gas, a lot more complicated, but if you resist the demolition, then lick the inside of the turn can most efficiently. And get out of it with the necessary acceleration.

Everything is wonderful, but it was an ambush lies in the possibility of a precise quantity of fuel. The gas pedal on "rubber", with a strong inertia. Generally not very clear when the throttle is going to work! The same is true when yo
u reset the gas: the response to the command is not instantaneous, so nemgnovennaya that switching to a reset, have time to move your foot on the brake pedal and the car just to besiege — rather than slow down the engine. Probably the electronic throttle actuator requires a careful calibration. Or is it already shows the mechanical inertia of the system?

Then the snake. The organizers of the course all the races moved apart and pushed the cones, but the rate of passage still remained a child, so as to steer accounted for the maximum possible. Even a distance of 5.4 meters between the cones passes without interception. There emerged another feature Kalina: power steering noticeably change its performance, depending on the speed of rotation of the steering wheel. And this dependence malopredskazuema: force at high speed interception may rise as well as fall.

In general, the feeling of control in a purely sport mode can not be called optimistic, Kalina little like a sports car and causes strain even drivers who have sustained racing skills.

The next two days — a trip to Kazan from Togliatti through Dimitrovgrad. Approximately 450 kilometers wide variety of roads, tracks and off-road. The natural habitat of Kalina, her pride.

On the first bump it becomes clear that some icons may be slightly tarnished in the eyes of those who believe in inoavtoprom. For example, it is assumed that the suspension Logan is a constant for a certain universality, omnivorous and energy that it is — a point of reference, recognized as an ideal. What's in a sling Logan found perfect balance for the, shall we say, not quite good roads. So, the new Kalina at least as Logan on suspensorial versatility! The balance between comfort, handling and feedback here jewelry set, up to a quarter tone (musicians understand me). It makes no sense to evaluate suspension Kalina only one of the parameters, it is strong it is getting into the libration point, a point where all the forces are balanced and no one has priority.

Delight? Well, let's delight. I remember Grant with its excellent power consumption and monstrous dynamic corridor at top speed! I remember how the voltage had to keep the car in the band, as were inaudible reflexive reaction. What happened to this Grantovsky suspension for implantation in Kalina? Change is minimal, even the front castor did not increase. The base is also a millimeter is not lengthened. Just something: a little "preloaded" and put the other tires. But what about the changed behavior of the car!

It is clear that this is a eulogy and migrated to the steering wheel, "short" track (3.1 turnover, although there is already a mechanism vazovtsami with more gear ratio), more rigid fixation and reconfiguring its electric power restored the relationship of tax-to medium-acceptable level. "Clarity" of the machine at all speeds up to the maximum is located on the first level unattainable for the WHA. Although … Very similar feelings I experienced a year ago, during the two-day test Lada Largus, that is to say the long wheelbase Logan. Damn, again, all comparisons in the same direction … But it can not be helped, Renault really gave birth to a new starting point in the old coordinate system.

"Clean" handling, without errors introduced by the nasty profile of the road — a typical front-drive. Demolition is controlled easily, though there comes too early — it is being felt modest tires Kama. Manifested on the track inclination of electrical power to a sudden change in performance "civilian" dead sleep modes. Informativeness steering is good, it is not believed that she achieved such a modest amount of rework. No worse than Logan and even a bit "sharper".

Manual qualitatively raspiarennaya vazovtsami long before its actual implementation, miraculously appeared, alas. Moves lever when switching unexpectedly large, however, free running, so to annoy "vosmerochnoy" box is almost gone. There was some kind of artificial firmness in reactions to change that, even disorienting at first. Definitely, it is a step, even a leap forward compared to the previous design, but in terms of the norm — it's just the norm. Plus or minus acceptability. To a reference folksvagenovskoy clarity and Short-still far away.

Braking — the most natural, and what it should be. Linear growth efforts on the pedal, adequate deceleration, braking distances are well predicted, the absence of any inertia of the drive. About the later inclusion of ABS I've already written, do not even know it was done intentionally, "boshevtsami" or not. In any case, in most cases staff problems with the handling of the braking does not occur. But during emergency deceleration rate necessary to "keep driving" the more, the more you push the pedal. The most interesting thing happening on the mixed doubles, if the port side of the asphalt, and on the right — priming the curb, ABS enough talent release the brake wheel with different frequency and steer turns into a convulsive catching of the trajectory. But when, instead of soil, fine gravel … My colleague repeatedly stalled on such a "cocktail", and the result was unchanged: the car endured a meter and a half to the left and turns 45 degrees. Of course, this is one of the most sophisticated anti-lock modes, and I in no way want to give engineers Bosch reproach flaw. But for pity's sake: the car-that is unfolding!

There is a small antireverans and towards the automatic transmission. Just a year ago, all noted the lack of a "step" in the effort between the positions of the lever N and D. Because of this "drive" is most often skipped, including the first or second gear. Make a lever more informative, or better, move "drive" to the end of stroke, no Japanese, no vazovtsami could not. Or did not want. The second probably because expensive. Everything is expensive, everything, everything — if it comes to creating a cheap car. This is the mantra such universal justification host of small oversights. Here there was a grant illumination modes of transmission (bulb with socket total value of 40 rubles), and the Kalina did not appear.

But any savings must be a reasonable limit of! I think there is no backlight and the lottery when the "drive" are behind this boundary. Grant is not with fixed seats do, thank God.

Acceleration to "machine", in principle, similar to the "Grantovsky", with some adjustment for slightly larger mass of the hatchback and wagon. If necessary, transmission can jump to the third gear even at 130 km / h! But after 140 km / h set of speed, if not stopped, it becomes much weaker. Accelerate the car to the "maximum speed" — it must be a long press on the pedal. 140 to the limit of 165 km / h — 38 long seconds, I spotted a film based on parallel video. Grant is still faster, it managed to overclock to 178-180 km / h However, it is the speed on the speedometer, and in the case of Kalina, we evaluated the dynamics on the GPS. But it is not principal clarification: speedometer Kalina Grant is very accurate, even at the top end of the scale with the error (on 14-inch wheels) does not exceed 5.
4 km / h

The dynamics of the "mechanical" version with a more powerful engine was quite atypical for VAZ cars. If you do not remember the small-batch "top ten" opelevskim motor and other exclusive, you have to admit: Kalina-2 106-strong incarnation — the most active car ever assembled on the assembly line Togliatti. Here "maximum speed" is already very close to the 180 km / h (top pair "reduced" from 4,081 to 3,706), and even at this speed the driver calmly, there are no special reasons to get nervous. The machine is not torn, it does not reorder on potholes. Stable, reliable. And it is very noisy. At this speed, the much-vaunted vazovskuyu insulation almost does not work.

The above analogy with Logan on the suspension is valid for moderate off-road. We remember that ordinary Lada had continuity, not to give in, to put it mildly, the current front wheel drive crossover, with the new Kalina, one might say, the genesis of the terrain. And the genes are still working! Good move suspension, the beginnings of progressive stiffness and new compression buffers on the roads almost equalized Kalina with such machines as the Nissan Juke and Suzuki SX4. Perhaps overcome barriers with less comfort and lower speed but they overcome. As long as the wheels dry, Kalina can be considered loganopodobnym front wheel drive crossover.

Multimedia production system ITELMA NGOs, about which I wrote briefly — also, in some ways, a breakthrough for vazovtsami, the device with a large touch-screen display are placed only at the end of last year for some grants. For Kalina ITELMA made a separate modification, driven not only sensory, but also through an additional button panel:

To date, the functionality of this "musical harvester" is low — radio, music from flash drives and SD-card (with them the same — photo and video), the integration of the mobile phone. No navigation, nor the GSM-modem, all it promised in future versions. But the rejection of the hard disk drive is intelligent, he was a little-needed but rabid music fans. But music lovers and will not listen to a full-time "radio", and certainly will change it to something more advanced.

Interface is pleasant and clear, nor coloristics nor intelligibility explanatory inscriptions I have nothing to complain about.

What can be said about the function of the hands-free. The fact that the head unit to work directly with the list of contacts in the telephone can not, it is required to pump them into his memory. Regardless of the measures taken to protect confidential information, this fact makes the latent strain. Plus swapping is unseemly long time almost a minute. And that I still have contacts in the phone is not as much as some!

Contact us become visible only when activated and connected erased when connecting to any other phone. I must admit I did not understand whether it is possible to work here with two phones at once or one dvuhsimochny device — check simply was not possible. Logic suggests that it is unlikely. I hope this problem in the following versions ITELMA correct.

The sound … very average, closer to the poor. Individual, even if there is no digital amplifier, built-in makes all the GU integrated circuit ULF. But not even that determines the quality, and frankly lousy (but cheap) coaxial speakers from China. Such dynamics in childhood we collected on the magnets, as to what they are good for nothing else. I know — the economy, all the cases, forty rubles a light bulb lighting AKP is not … But damn it, we're talking about luxury equipment, with modern multimedia complex! Here, then why save a penny?

The quality of a stretch

The build quality of VAZ cars is growing. Growing steadily, albeit very slowly, having difficulty transferring "renoshnyh" standards neunavozhennuyu ideological incentives Russian soil. If a Frenchman or a German who has made marriage really is a shame — not in front of someone in front of you, then vazovskuyu employees are still not clearly communicate with psychologists on changing their own world view.

Creaks motion are present, although not indicative of such an amount as in the Kalina 1. Especially the "walk" in the openings of the rear side door — whether the loops are rather weak, or the rigidity of the body is insufficient. Howling electric power steering.

Do not even know, sad or glad. On the one hand, jambs clearly less than it could be. On the other hand — the false belief of their complete absence.

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