Languid self-propelled howitzer «Slammer» (Sholef) caliber 155 mm

Propelled howitzer «Slammer» was developed by "Salt" with Israeli factories "Mmbatho" and "Elta" in the early 80's. ACS was created based on the requirements artkorpusa IDF. First experienced model was ready by mid-1983. Tests SAU «Sholef» in the IDF began in 1984. Subsequent layout was created in 1986. Data on the development of self-propelled howitzers, "Sholef" were declassified only in the early 90's. Based on the available disk imaging, the development of tools and modernization propelled howitzer M-109 has been spent around 70 million dollars.

The self-propelled howitzer cannon made on the basis of the modified chassis of the main Israeli tank 'Merkava'. On the chassis installed with the gun turret part of 155mm caliber. Barrel length 52 calibers. Ammunition ammunition was 75 ammunition. Rate of ACS to 9 shots per minute, with the possibility of firing the first with 3 rounds in 15 seconds. Range of fire projectile «ERFB-BB» (excessive distance from the gas generator) of more than 40 km.

Self-propelled howitzer «Sholef», referring to a class of languid guns, successfully passed all the tests and, to experts, could be considered one of the best in the world. But because of the financing gap howitzer did not rise to the IDF operation. Foreign customers to ACS «Slammer» also was found, although Israeli designers have proposed to establish a tower section with 155mm gun on the chassis of a tank of another type, on request.

Title «Sholef» — domestic title ACS in Israel, from time to time, it was called "TOMATO Merkava" (used for the chassis of the tank "Merkava"). In other countries, the more vserasprostraneno title «Slammer».

Arrangement and design of automatic control system «Slammer»
Self-propelled howitzer had armored cockpit and was able to engage in direct fire while moving. The designers made it possible to install two types of tools with extended barrel, breech-type automatic and manual feeding of ammunition:
— The first type — the length of the barrel 45 gauge, effective firing range of up to 30 km;
— The second type — the length of the barrel 52 gauge. Range effective firing up to 40 km.

Feature self-propelled howitzer — autofrettage trunk-bar with an ejector that has allowed to conduct fire ammunition improved aerodynamic shape for the range and more than 40 km. Barrel with recoil device, apparently taken from a howitzer "mod.845R" towed type. On self-propelled howitzer installed ballistic computer and the radio station, there is a protection against weapons of mass destruction. To run shot to only two people, the systems are provided with a manual override, by which this may be firing with a rate of up to 4 rounds per minute (requires three people). Maintain fire from ACS «Slammer» can all kinds of 155mm artillery shells.

Modernization of the M-109 self-propelled guns, was the substitution of an artillery unit and autoloader American SAU to the applicable parts of the ACS «Sholef». It was built only two experienced a reference, adopted the IDF's self-propelled howitzer «Sholef» has been received. Standard and the export was performed.

The main characteristics of ACS «Slammer»:
— fighting weight — 60 tons;
— crew — 4 people;
— width of 3.7 meters;
— clearance — 47 cm;
— booking class — Ballistic;
— main caliber — 155mm;
— length of the barrel 45 or 52 gauge (8.05 meters);
— ammunition — 75 rounds;
— rate max / manual feed — 9/4 rds / min;
— range of fire 39.6 (40) km;
— engine — diesel «AVDS-1790-5A» capacity of 850 hp;
— speed up to 46 km / h;
range Range — 400 km;
— corners pointing horizontal / vertical — 360/-5 +70 degrees;
— Obstacles: height 0.95 m, depth 1.38 m, width of 3 meters.

Sources disk imaging:

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