Large-scale teaching Army Aviation Western Military District

In the Leningrad and Pskov regions held large-scale exercises of army aviation in the Western Military District with the participation of more than 30 helicopters, which are based on three airfields, and over 70 pieces of ground equipment. Crews in the air will act as singly or in groups of up to 10 pairs of helicopters at the same time.

As correspondent 47News, the press service WEST, during the week the crews of helicopters Mi-24 and Mi-8 at the site Kingissepp (Leningrad region) to practice the use of air weapons to destroy ground targets at a distance of 500 m to 5 km with a minimum and medium altitudes. Performing tasks with an unfamiliar airport, the pilots for a few days to release the targets of more than 500 guided and unguided missiles.

Helicopter crews also work out the issue of mining from the air a certain area of the countryside, the personnel of the landing of airborne troops and intelligence units planting method in the Pskov region, as well as fire support landing and support of tactical air assault.

The teaching is carried out under the leadership of Commander of the Allied Air Force and Air Defense District, Major-General Igor Makusheva.


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