Larin: Premier League suspicions were not confirmed

Spetsnablyudatel from the Premier League, the head of the legal department of the Premier League Boris Larin said the suspicions about the contractual nature of the match, "Amkar" — "Rostov" is not confirmed.

"My role on this match was to form an opinion and bring it to the Premier League leadership — whether the suspicions are confirmed, caused by the bookmaker quotes. This will not be a written report.

No, suspicions about the contractual nature of the match were not confirmed. You can not play such sincere indignation guide "Amkar" was deeply offended by the hoopla surrounding the game. There is no reason to doubt that the game was fair. Perhaps more like to see in offensive actions of "growth", but poor play on offense has an explanation. Rostov on the eve of the match lost a number of top players.

Underreporting rates before the match, too, has its own logic. Being in the relegation zone, "Amkar" was extremely motivated and "growth" has lost key players. Everyone knew about it. I am glad that this season is the only game in the Premier League, which caused some concerns. We have checked, they have not been confirmed ", — quotes Larina" Soviet Sport ".

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