Lavrov: military and civilian personnel of NATO in Ulyanovsk will not

  • Photo from the airport "East"
  • Photo from the airport "East"

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the military and civilian personnel of NATO in the transit of cargoes in Ulyanovsk will not, and the transit of goods from Afghanistan and Afghanistan will come under the full control of the Russian customs.

U.S. hopes to create a trans-shipment point in Ulyanovsk NATO, which will be used in the derivation of forces from Afghanistan.

"All will be under the full control of the customs of the Russian Federation. Neither the military or civilian personnel of NATO will not be there, will only Russian customs and Russian companies involved in this "- Lavrov said at a news conference after talks with Kyrgyz counterpart.

According to Lavrov, in Ulyanovsk is no question of creating a specifically military base, it is about how to organize a combined transit of non-military goods. The minister said that for this purpose it was decided to consider the use of the airfield "East" that has everything you need for an organization of transit. Thus, according to the minister, it will be used exclusively civilian objects, such as warehouses for temporary use.

Earlier media reported that Russia may sign an agreement with NATO on multimodal transit cargo back from Afghanistan, which will combine air and ground transfer of cargo. According to this scheme, the goods shall be delivered by air from Afghanistan to Russia, bypassing Uzbekistan. In this case, Russia will form trains for onward dispatch of goods to NATO countries. Russian Defense Ministry stated that cargo transported through the territory of the Russian Federation, will be physically inspected by customs officials, and that the transfer point in Ulyanovsk is not a military base, NATO or the United States.

Operation of U.S. troops "Enduring Freedom" in Afghanistan began in 2001 after militants attacked an international terrorist network "Al-Qaeda" on a number of sites in the United States. Now in Afghanistan with the Taliban and other armed Afghan opposition militias fighting 130000th contingent of troops of the international anti-terrorist coalition, which is based on the Americans. They are assisted by the national army and police. The final conclusion most of the foreign troops from Afghanistan, scheduled for the end of 2014.

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