Lawyer Sidorenko: Beating Neklyaeva allegedly still investigating

Beating the former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva December 19 "is highlighted in particular the production and is being investigated." Dashkevich required to bring an action for libel against the witnesses. At the trial of Theodore Mirzayanavym going to be attended by observers from Russia.

Former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu addressed in Minsk city court to stop the criminal prosecution against him. Nekljaev wrote in a statement that, according to the investigation, he participated in the presidential election, "the purpose of the introduction … of the States of the European Union, the United States and the Russian Federation, economic and political sanctions." This is Mr. Nekljaev called the "myth" of the investigation.

On Neklyaeva he participated in the election to become president, "that is not a crime." However, the elections, as suggested by the politician was rigged and this was going to announce on October Square on December 19.


Nekljaev gave honor the thousands of people who responded to the call of the presidential candidates to come to the rally. "We all understand that those who on Dec. 19 came to the square to discover their opposition to injustice and lack of freedom, no not criminals, and the best sons and daughters of Belarus, who have expressed their civic courage. Descendants still tell them thank you for it," — believes Nyaklyayeu.

Former presidential candidate recalled in a statement in Minsk City, that on December 19 on the street The collector was attacked by unknown persons in uniform and beat up, but this is to still not investigated. But in general, is being investigated? Neklyaeva lawyer Tamara Sidorenko said "Freedom":

"We recently received a response to our petition that the case of beating Neklyaeva Separated and still under investigation. Strange, of course, that for so long. But this gave us the answer."

The case of the beating Neklyaeva, according to Tamara Sidorenko, Police investigating the Moscow district of Minsk.

Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau

Political prisoner Dashkevich appealed to the Prosecutor General's office demanding to bring witnesses for the prosecution to liability for false testimony.

Dashkievich draws attention prosecution witnesses that Malyshev and Savitsky were false and untrue. By the way, the court witnesses testified from behind a wall, their faces actors have not seen.

On the precession of the Dmitri Dashkevich and Lobau Edouard, which was held in the Moscow district court of Minsk month ago, witnesses were two victims, who allegedly beat Dashkevich and head. The incident occurred on December 18, the day before the election, on the street Yankees Bryl.

"Everybody knows that I'm doing and head for a long time in politics, and attack someone the day before the election, it would be very profitable", — says Dmitry Dashkevich.

Earlier, the Young repeatedly said that the criminal case against them, provoked by the authorities.

According to the deputy chairman of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka, Zmitser Dashkevich is in prison in the street Volodarskogo in very bad conditions: in a cell designed for 20 people, has more than 40 prisoners. But Dmitri complained.

"He does not give up and try a complaint affect the sentence he was given. Meets lawyer is preparing to appeal."

According to the court Dashkevich received 2 years of the colony, Eduard Lobau — 4. The verdict is not yet in force because Dashkievich windscreen and appealed it to the Minsk City and wait for the appeal of the case.

Exhibition space Fedor Mirzayanava will be judged on April 27 in a partisan court along with former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and three other defendants: Ilya Vasilevich, Oleg and Vladimir Hnedchyk Eremenko.

April 25 with the Russian Embassy in Belarus has become known that the process of going to the observers of Russia. Requested by the Russian diplomats accused father, a citizen of Russia Ram Mirzayanav.

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