Leasing companies introduce satellite monitoring system based on GLONASS ARKAN

 Photo source:arkan.ru

The company "Arkan", the federal operator of the security services and monitoring continues to introduce satellite monitoring and fleet management ARKAN SuperVising in the interests of the companies providing leasing services for cars, trucks, buses, construction vehicles on the territory of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Currently equipped with 132 sets of monitoring units raznofunktsionalnogo transport.
The satellite monitoring ARKAN SuperVising — it is an effective tool by which the leasing companies can remotely track the location and status of their fleet in real time. Hour satellite monitoring provides safety transmitted to leasing vehicles by preventing theft, fraud and misuse. The system allows to monitor compliance with speed limits and travel outside the area stipulated in the contract, tracking movements performed throughout Russia and abroad — wherever there is cellular GSM. In case of theft of the location and movement of the vehicle can be tracked on an electronic map of the area and to take timely action.
The structure of the automated system of satellite monitoring ARKAN SuperVising module includes monitoring of mobile objects GLONASS / GPS, server processing with pre-specialized software, dispatch jobs, set of sensors to monitor fuel consumption and a variety of mechanisms. The basic set can be expanded by the installation of security equipment and "panic" button.
"Equipping navigation equipment transport used for commercial purposes, meets the requirements of regulations in the field of road safety and the legal requirements of the navigation activity. The introduction of satellite monitoring ARKAN SuperVising reduce business risk and strengthen the competitive position of the leasing company on the market "- says the press-service of" Arkan ".
Telematics hardware and software platform ARKAN successfully implemented in a number of major construction and transportation and logistics companies in Russia. The company "Arkan" is a reliable supplier of modern navigation and communication equipment, which has all the necessary licenses and certificates, meets the requirements of state regulatory bodies.

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