Lebanon. Gullet Baatar

In the 20th century in Lebanon unexpectedly discovered a unique natural wonder. They became a powerful waterfall, which was unusual name Throat Baatar. From a great height of 250 meters impressive stream of water rushes into the cave, formed here as early as the Jurassic period of history.

No one can understand why a beautiful waterfall for so long no one could find. After all, the village is located very close to Balan and another major city Tannorin. The huge cave, which flows down the water flow is an unusual name "Three Bridges Chasm". It is not by accident. After all, on his way waterfall meets exactly three limestone bridge, which is already more than a hundred million years. Despite the fact that the unusual shape Throat Baatar formed long ago, it is changed to this day.

The incredible beauty of the waterfall becomes spring. At this time the flow rate increases due to melting snow. One has only to imagine how every second water breaks down and is absorbed by the "mouth." The sight is very beautiful, but dangerous. Careless tourists run the risk of break down and die in the depths of the water. After all, the slippery edge of the waterfall, and almost imperceptibly on the surface, where it begins breakage. So visit this natural wonder is best with a knowledgeable person, a guide, and not independently.



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