Lebedenco: in general, I’m white swan, but today — Black

Forward "Rostov" Igor Lebedenco Rostov team commented on the victory over the "Saturn" with a score of 2-0 in a match of the 17th round of the Russian Championship.
"It so happened that we were able to score an early goal. He helped us control the game for 90 minutes. Received, of course, offensive penalty, forget the "Saturn" which — do not know what could have happened. And so we were able to score the second goal and calm the game.
We hope to add more, but we'll see. Asking whether really get into the top three? And why is unrealistic? It all depends on us. We show quite good football. If all goes somewhere, maybe lucky, then … "- said the striker in an interview with" Chempionat.TV. "
Lebedenco shared his opinion about what the fans during the match in his honor performed the song "White Swan on the pond."
"Well, lads, what can I say? I like the song itself. I'm white or black swan? White, of course. Black — that is, a symbol of death? Although, if the death of the "Saturn", then maybe today I was black? "

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