Lemons attacked Alekseev

The Moscow authorities have agreed for the first time with the opposition rally in support of Article 31 of the Constitution on Triumph Square. But rather than celebrate, "disagree" again quarreled among themselves. Eduard Limonov, refused to participate in the allowed actions and accused the human rights activist Lyudmila Alexeeva in meanness and "dishonest position."

Another scandal by the opposition confirms the simple truth: to get rid of the "dissidents", the authorities do not have to deal with them. Enough to provide the "dissenters" to themselves, and then they are like spiders in the bank, eat each other.

"Dissenters' year trying to defend their right to hold a meeting on the Triumphal Square in Moscow. When the capital city administration denied them, the opposition took to the unauthorized actions, invariably ended in clashes with riot police.
New Moscow authorities went to meet him, "disagree" and agreed on the Triumphal Square as the venue of the meeting 31 October 2010. However, this agreement has made a sudden split in the "Strategy-31". Eduard Limonov, known as the old woman of "Tales of the Golden Fish", wanted to become a mistress of the sea. The fact that the City Council authorized participation in the rally 800. Human rights activists Ludmila Alexeeva and Sergei Kovalev agreed to this condition. The rally will jointly hold three human rights organizations: the Moscow Helsinki Group, a human rights center "Memorial" and the movement "For Human Rights", has already said Alekseev.

But Eduard Limonov had arranged a public scandal by refusing to go on the condition of the authorities. It requires that the number of participants was not 800, and 1500. Limonov has attacked Alekseev, saying that her "position — dishonest and deeply unfriendly." This rally seems to have made an irreversible split in the "Strategy-31". Lemons believes that further cooperation with Alexeeva now "is difficult."

Clinical opposition leader Limonov rebels for the sake of rebellion. Year, he fought for the Triumph Square. After receiving it, he begins to fight for the 1,500 people instead of 800. Having 1,500 participants, it will begin a new struggle. His goal — a conflict at all costs. And if there is no conflict, then any political action is meaningless. Thus, agreeing to a sanctioned rally, Lyudmila Alexeeva devalued "Strategy-31" in the eyes of Limonov.

However, Lemon did not hide the fact that he really was not going to come to an agreement with the municipality. The politician openly writes that "the agreed (authorized authority) meetings do not allow the opposition to achieve goals" and "low valor gather where the government allowed."

For elderly natsbola clash with riot police — the last way to have fun, similar to the narcotic. "There is a rise of feelings, the excitement, the wave of adrenaline, euphoria is achieved in addition to overcoming his own fear of danger" — describes his feelings of Limonov participation in unsanctioned.

Thus, the presence of Limonov's in talks with the government — a deliberate provocation. It will be inside sabotage any agreement, compromise and destroy the pit between the participants. If the purpose of human rights — to state their positions, the purpose of the authorities — to ensure the peaceful course of action, the purpose of Limonov — to provoke a conflict. In this scenario, the contracting parties simply can not come to a common denominator.

It is interesting and different. Until now, Alekseev and Lemons were partners in the "Strategy-31". If in the near future, they will not be able to overcome the discord, divorce is inevitable. Then the process section of the "Strategy-31" will turn into the next exciting show. On the one hand, Limonov was the creator of the "Strategy" and has a significant share of supporters. On the other hand, Alexeyev acts as the official negotiator, she manages to find a compromise with the authorities and, in the end, it was she who now has the right to take people on the Triumphal Square on October 31.

Knowing the feisty nature of the "dissidents" and a long history of internal squabbles and scandals, it is safe to predict that the world will not end this divorce. Most likely, the next split bury "Strategy-31" as the previous divisions led to the collapse of the "United Civil Front", the All-Russian Civil Congress, "2008 Committee", the National Assembly, "The Other Russia", and now is on the verge of collapse and " Solidarity ".

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