Lenenergo electrify villages in the Leningrad region

Lenenergo built two 10 kV transmission line to carry electricity to the villages and Chernetsovo Nizovka in the Luga district of Leningrad region.

The total length of new lines — about 10 miles away. Energy used in the construction of a modern self-supporting insulated wire. Also, specialists of JSC "Lenenergo" built two complete transformer substations with a total capacity of 350 kVA. In addition, energy is also found in two villages of more than 30 high-power 250-watt lamp street lighting.

Until 2012, in the villages and Chernetsovo Nizovka there was no electricity. Constantly live here no more than 20 people. In summer the population increases due to the truckers. The total cost of the project — almost 13 million rubles.

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