Lenin — 2

I love honest people! That's twice attracted to garbage citizen-editor and political scientist Kungurov was on the list of people I respected. Already in the top two of the day hanging his post (shit here). Table of Contents — so-so, nothing. Obviously Mr. Kungurov nicherta does not understand the issues described them, but it frankly and dispassionately declares (and I quote):

— "… I totally agree, yes, the enemies of the revolution want to arrange to spray the remains of Russia. Yes, the revolution will mean the country's apparent death, blood, destruction and possibly civil war. Yes, the life of man in the street as a result of the revolution will worsen, perhaps even a million or two will die from starvation and epidemics. quire Or even millions. Does not matter. important in this case is that after the revolution, that is, the destruction of ANTIgosudarstva and creative efforts to create a genuine state, the nation gets a chance "to survive and to continue independent development" …
— "… I will answer with all its marginal directness solely because the vast majority of the population of the Russian Federation — morons, scum and cowards. Yeah, yeah, that's it to you who are reading these lines, I appeal: you, the citizens, morons, scum and briefs … "
— "… The nature of my work, I had close contact with professional revolutionaries orange wing (the list of the studio — approx.). Recent years they have been in a deep state of suspended animation, and since the beginning of 2011 they began to withdraw some of hibernation … Finally I have it realized when I began to feel out the persons on the content of the U.S. embassy … you wondering what I said recruiters State Department? Of course, I have agreed to take an active part in the finishing of the Russian Federation. As said on this occasion Lenin, "their maximum program — this is our minimum program "…

It's just a song of some sort! Personally, I have delivered. Although I am not a predictor, but I think that Mr. Kungurova happiness will soon come in the form of a warrant of arrest for attempting to commit offenses under Articles 278, 279 of the Criminal Code. But it's not bad. After all, history tells us that the big thing starts small. Lenin was sent into exile, sat three years old at home rations yes sour cream — hop and the Revolution.

ZY It is a pity in his post, Mr. Kungurov not called "his majesty" only leader "возможнохотянаврядлипостреволюционной" Russia. And how is that? The only one in Russia is not a moron, not a bastard and a coward? Yes, under the leadership of representatives of the "real democracy"?

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