Leningrad NPP increase in payments to the budget system in 2012 was 31%

Leningrad NPP (Branch of JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom", Leningrad region) actually paid in 2012 taxes and similar payments to the budget of the country in the amount of 3.353 billion rubles, or 126.1% compared to the same figure for 2011 (2.568 billion rubles). In the budgets of all levels of Leningrad NPP transferred 2.583 billion rubles, or 131.1% compared to 2011 (1, 971 billion), including the local budget MO "Sosnovoborsky city district" — 164 million (116 4% compared to 2011).

Also, the Leningrad nuclear power plant in 2012 was 10.7% increased amount of payments to the Pension Fund of Russia to 579.2 million rubles (in 2011 — 523.1 million rubles), a 21.9% increase the volume of payments to the Social Insurance Fund and 12.5% — in the Health Insurance Fund.


These data are financial and economic service of the Leningrad nuclear power plant sent to the Government of the Leningrad region. According to the report the actual amount of marketable products from the production at the Leningrad nuclear power plant for the year 2012 amounted to 26.72 billion rubles, or 91% compared to 2011 (29.349 billion rubles), which is associated with unplanned shutdown for overhaul of unit number 1 to the recovery program of resource characteristics graphite moderator of the reactor facility. The report also noted that in 2012 the average number of nuclear power plant staff was 4783 people, including production staff (CPD) — 4717 people (2011 — 4820 and 4736 respectively). The average monthly salary of the Leningrad nuclear power plant for 2012 increased 15% to $ 55,834.3 rubles (in 2011 — RUR 48,538.5), and the minimum wage PPR for the period increased by 56.3% to 19,235 rubles (in 2011 — 12304 rubles).

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