Leningrad region continues to drive innovation in the residential sector

10 million high-brightness LED odnovattny, released in Russia on a full cycle in the enterprise "Svetlana-Optoelectronics", will be installed in the residential complex "Beauty" village Ilichevo Leningrad region. Leningrad was awarded this honor is not accidental, because in practice implements the Energy Strategy, adopted by the Government for the period up to 2030.

Leningrad did not wait for 2015, when there will be completely banned inefficient incandescent bulbs, and began to introduce innovative energosbergayuschie lighting based on LEDs now. Such projects have to p.Tosno, g.Vsevolozhske. Most recently, "47 region" and "Svetlana-Optoelectronics" was implemented a joint project of LED lighting Small village near the city of Zelenogorsk robin.

According to experts, the quality Russian LEDs provide thousands of hours of 50-100 (50-100 times longer than the incandescent lamps), reduce by 85% the electricity bill for lighting, withstand voltage fluctuations and temperatures that are characteristic of the region and are a big problem for tube and fluorescent light sources. But the main advantage of LEDs — is the environmental aspect, they are not harmful to human health and the environment because they do not contain mercury, lead and other harmful substances. The use of LED lights and lamps will reduce the amount of unutilized mercury, reducing the risks of environmental contamination and human morbidity.

As the director of SRO NP "Builders of the Leningrad region" Kobzarenko VB: "The transition to LED lighting is the most effective measure to date to improve energy efficiency in terms of energy savings. Lighting devices based on LEDs are installed, including at the Olympic construction in Sochi. For us, the builders is not a fashion trend, important and rational arguments, such as saving up to 80-90% of energy, a significant reduction in maintenance costs, long life LEDs. Therefore, the Union of Builders of the Leningrad region plans each year to increase the number of objects which are used LED lighting system. "

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