Leshukon High School (Arkhangelsk region) got a new sports hall

The new high school building in the village of Leshukonskoe put into operation in 2008. The project involved the construction of a sports hall, but due to lack of funds the builders decided to build it later.

In June 2011, the company Arkhangelsk "Art Design" has started the construction of a sports facility, located near the school. The contract price exceeded 51.8 million rubles. Of these, 50 million rubles allocated the regional budget. At present the building is completed. The Contractor has successfully coped with the task complied with all terms of the work.

The spacious building, erected from durable metal frame is provided not only to the gym a size 18? 30 meters, height — eight meters. Here are the associated lodging and meeting all modern requirements: medical office, wardrobe, men's and women's locker rooms, a large fitness room, showers and toilets, the coaching room inventory.


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