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Incorruptibility dead body in all ages been considered a sign of holiness. But in the case with the remains of Count Christian Friedrich von Kalbuttsa (1651-1702) can be said just the opposite. Being a man of unbridled passion, he had 11 legitimate children and, as they say, was the father of another 40 babies.

In 1690, Count killed the shepherd of the neighboring Byukvitsa because his young wife rejected courtship graph. The widow has filed an action against it in Neustadt, but he escaped punishment for murder, saying "cleansing oath", "If I was a murderer, may the Lord will not allow my body to undergo decay." Written evidence of the prosecution and the court there, but the oath come down to us only in the retelling, and can not be verified.

After the death of Count his coffin was placed in a crypt in the church of the XIII century. Village Kampel. In 1794, the new owner of the estate converted the church and decided to move the coffins in the crypt of the land in the territory of the church. When checking coffins, found that only one of the bodies mummified. Suggested that this body background Kalbuttsa; recording in the church books, it seems, is affirmed.

In the period between 1895 and 1983. background remains Kalbuttsa be inspected. The corpse was embalmed, internal organs found no traces of poisons or other drugs that could prevent the expansion of the body. There was no evidence in the crypt and gases or chemicals which could make it. According to one hypothesis, the count could die from disease-related degeneration of organs, such as cancer, and the lack of nutrients in the body contributed to the drying up of the corpse.

Tradition has it that the ghost background Kalbuttsa left the vault and made at least one more murder in 1806, however, reports of ghosts did not appear for nearly two centuries. Mummy, which today demonstrates weighs 6 kg — just a shadow of the living graph, which weighed about 70 kg.

Incorruptible saints

In addition to the graph Christian Friedrich von Kalbuttsa, there are other examples where the bodies of the dead lay persons were not subject to decay, such as King of Spain, Charles V. However, most of these cases are associated with the saints.

The body of St. Bernadette, which is still on display in Nevers (France) are not decomposed after her death in 1879 two days after the death of St. Teresa Margaret in 1770 — the nuns of the Order of the Sacred Heart — on the body of the deceased did not have any signs of illness which, when life has turned him into a swollen mass of purple.

Saint Cecilia Roman Christian woman, was martyred in 177, during the months of 1599 showed the people, and her body has not changed, and it was visible wound from partial decapitation. Venerable Bede noted the extraordinary preservation of the holy body of Ethelred — the founder of the monastery on an island or in Cambridgeshire. 16 years after the death of her body looked as if it had just fallen asleep.

After the Polish saint Andrew Boboli was martyred in 1657, regular inspections found that his body is not subject to corruption. When the Red Army in 1922, took Pinsk, the saint's body was carried out of the church, it could be seen from mortal wounds.

Some natural conditions or processes — dry air or chemicals in the body and in the surrounding atmosphere — can contribute to the safety of the body. It will look like a living, if there is saponification. In the case of Egyptian mummies embalming also prevented a thorough decomposition. And managed to keep the body of Lenin in the mausoleum. As for the saints, these methods have not been applied, and that there is no scientific explanation for the phenomena.

Clairvoyants have warned Napoleon

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte used the services of two prophets — the famous French fortune teller Mary Anne Adelaide Lenormand and the mysterious "red man" who, in the opinion of the Parisians, was a spirit who attended Napoleon.

In 1792, Napoleon planned to leave France and continue his career elsewhere. In this connection, he met with the incognito Mademoiselle Lenormand. She said that would not allow him to leave. Next, she predicted that he was then a young officer, will play an important role in the history of France that a widow will make him happy, and it will reach a high position because of her influence. But she warned Napoleon that it is waiting for misfortune, if it proves to be ungrateful. Fortune Teller quoted Shakespeare: "Thank you, Macbeth, You'll be the king!"

After the death on the scaffold Vicomte de Beauharnais in 1794, his widow, Josephine married Napoleon I and became Empress. But in 1809, the Emperor divorced her, and then fortune was not as kind to him. The prediction came true fortune-teller.

A few months before the fall of Napoleon I in Paris there were rumors that he had met with another prophet. January 1, 1814 a tall man in a red demanded a meeting with the emperor. Those who overheard heard he warned Napoleon. He said it was his third and last warning. The first was in 1799 in Egypt, before the Battle of the Pyramids. Second — after the battle of Wagram in 1809, when he gave Napoleon four years to complete the conquest of Europe, or to conclude peace of the world. Last Action was to remind the emperor that if he does not reach one or the other for three months, and for him it's over.

In the following months, Napoleon I did not succeed to conquer Europe, nor make peace. In April 1814, he was forced to abdicate, and in 1815 was defeated at Waterloo in 1821 and died in exile on the island of St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean.

Prophet Jacques Kazott

In early 1788 several French high society started talking about the impending revolution and which of those present will live up to it. Jacques Kazott said that all they will see a revolution, but most will cause to regret it. He then predicted that the mathematician Condorcet poisoned in prison, an aristocrat Chamfort slit his veins, and five other guests will die on the scaffold in the next six years.

Critic and well-known atheist, La Harpe, who later wrote and spoke about the case, will survive the revolution and will be converted to Christianity. The Prophet foretold, and his death on the guillotine.

Unfortunately, the story of La Harpe has not been published before, as long as all the participants of the conversation have not met their intended fate. La Harpe died in 1803, and in 1817 in his personal papers was found a note in which he confessed that they were all invented for fun.

The general consensus, however, is that of prophecy and its piquant postscript invented.

September 2, 1792 the revolutionaries arrested Kazotta, but thanks to the efforts of his friends and family he was released. Those who knew of his prophecy, congratulated Kazotta with the fact that he managed to avoid the fate that he himself predicted. "Not at all, — said Kazott — three days cut off my head." It just happened.

Miracle in Arezzo

In February 1796 the residents of the Italian town of Arezzo to worry about had enough. First, in their area, a series of earthquakes, and secondly, the French revolutionary troops advanced deep into Italy.

The hotel, where monks stayed on the wall was the image of the Virgin Mary. Once, when the faithful kneel before the Virgin Mary, they saw the miraculous sign. Face of Madonna, blackened from the smoke cleared and brightened, his eyes opened and closed again, the golden glow lit up, and there were tears in them.

The news of the miracle spread extremely quickly. Reports of such events received from other cities throughout Italy. In Florence, lily bloom again, and the image of Madonna in a hundred Roman churches closed their eyes, wept or oozed blood.

There were other miracles — the earthquake stopped and there were many healings. Residents of Arezzo were convinced that God is on the side of Italy. In 1799, they rose up against the French occupiers. Their faith was rewarded, and hated enemy retreated. However, they did not know that the French army was withdrawn to participate in the more important campaigns elsewhere.

Calm lasted several months, but in 1800 the French troops returned, intending to severely punish the Italians. Residents of Arezzo, secure in the knowledge that the Virgin Mary to protect them, refused to surrender. October 19 French soldiers entered the city, looting, arson and violence, especially soldiers raged in churches and monasteries. But this time, Mary did not protect the inhabitants of Arezzo.

A flaming ball in Alencon

June 12th, 1790 at 5:00 am saw a few farmers near Alençon huge ball in flames. At first they thought it was a hot air balloon caught fire, but then came the perplexing, since the object was moving at a strange whistling and with great speed. Finally, his speed has decreased, and it landed on top of a hill, knocking trees on its slopes. From the ball came such a high fever that soon caught fire near the bushes and grass.

Was sent to investigate a police inspector Labef. By evening, a crowd of people, among whom were the mayor, a doctor and three representatives of the local authorities, who confirmed the correctness of the reports LaBeouf. "Suddenly the door opened a bit — reported inspector — and it seemed like creature on us, in a very strange skin-tight suit. At the sight of the crowd said some unknown obscure words and disappeared into the woods." Following this sphere silently exploded, and its fragments were burned to the ground.

"Began the search of a mysterious stranger, — concluded the inspector — but he seemed to dissolve."

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