Levitation: man must learn to fly?

December 7, 2011 15:41

Most scientists categorically deny the possibility of levitation, if they believe, "born to crawl can not fly …" However, a person can still fly, because throughout history witnessed levitation were very respectable people, the evidence of which is difficult to ignore.

Flying in a dream … but in reality?

Almost every one of us ever (usually as a child) had an unusual feeling in the dream of flight. In this dream body becomes a fantastic and very pleasant light, we soared above the ground and hovered in the sky, and below us floated forests, rivers, cities …
What memories can be the basis of such dreams? Flying a plane? But those dreams have seen people at a time when there was not only aircraft, but even balloons. Some researchers believe that this is a fabulous feeling of weightlessness is preserved in our genetic memory even from those early human ancestors that lived in the ocean and not hovering in the air and in the water. Maybe our forefathers still able to fly? Without wings and some mechanical devices?
Levitation — as is now called the mysterious phenomenon where people somehow reduces its weight to the extent that he can get off the ground and soar in the air. Most scholars reject the possibility of levitation, and the very emergence of stories about this phenomenon is precisely associated with the flight in a dream, which is mentioned above. However, evidence of the facts levitation enough to treat this phenomenon more seriously. There is reason to believe that people are sometimes able to fly not only in dreams, but in reality.

Saints soar over land

There are so many references to the possibility of levitation in various religious sources. The ability to levitate is credited with many saints. Suffice to say that Olivier Leroux in his book "Levitate" refers to more than 200 Catholic saints, which according to various sources attributed the ability to levitate.
Saint Teresa of Avila, being a nun — a Carmelite, not just take to the air in prayer. She left a very interesting memories of those moments in his autobiography (1565): 'ascension comes as a shock, a sudden and sharp. And, before you can collect your thoughts and get over it, you feel like a cloud takes you to heaven or the mighty eagle on the wings … I'm quite aware of yourself to see that I was in the air … I have to say that when the rapture ended, I felt an extraordinary lightness in the body, as if I were completely weightless. " One can not even assume that in this case we are only dealing with some incredible female fantasy, it's true, they want to believe it or not scientists.

Mention should be made widely known in the Middle Ages, the Franciscan monk ability Kopertinskogo Joseph (1603-1663) suddenly soar into the air and hover there. One such flight was able to observe even the Pope — Urban VIII. Often such unexpected flights took place during church services, which, of course, immediately violated their conduct. First, a monk from the unusual ability to shift from one monastery to another, but the flight continued, and, in the end, Joseph simply forbidden to participate in public worship. Curiously, the monk was clearly able to control their flight and even move in them considerable weight. So, once he helped builders install a heavy cross on the dome of the cathedral.
It should be noted that Joseph Kopertinsky famous not only for his flight, he was clairvoyant and healer. Until now, "the monk with wings" (as it was called, and called) is one of the most revered saints, he is considered the patron saint of pilots and astronauts.
Had the ability to fly and Russian saints. It is known that St. Seraphim of Sarov would rise into the air, and the whacky Basil in front of hundreds of people not just fly over the Moscow River.
Can fly? — On fire!

Although the ability to levitate had many saints in the Middle Ages for the common people "the ability to fly" could easily cost him his life. In numerous trials of witches ability to levitate was one of the most compelling evidence of their complicity in the devil. Of course, it is hard to imagine that all the stake could fly, confessed under torture or in such "sins" … However, judging from the tests to which the Inquisitors resorted to detect witches, cases of levitation still observed.
Perhaps influenced by the high levels of stress before the upcoming trial of some of the defendants included the "mechanism" of levitation, which, in the end, a death sentence. No wonder that one of the tests was to weigh. Charges were dropped when the suspect weight exceeds a certain value. Amazingly, in the historical records there is mention of the people who in this test weighed less than kg …

In another test of the unfortunate kind of constructed living "bale" (tied crosswise right arm and left leg and vice versa), which is a long rope thrown into the water. If a person is not drowning, he was dragged to the stake. According to the protocol the Inquisition, some accused of witchcraft in this trial had an extraordinary buoyancy, which cost them their heads. Needless to say, this unsinkable was possible only in a state of levitation.

He flew in the presence of the emperors and scholars

In the nineteenth century, their ability to hover in the air repeatedly demonstrated American occultist Daniel Douglas Hume (some sources — Daniel Douglas Hume). For example, December 16, 1868 he was in the presence of the Lords Lindsay and Adar, Captain Wyrm and physics Crookes flew into the window space, located at 6? Floor, then flew out the window, circled at a great height and then back through the window into the room.
Witness his flight were Mark Twain, Napoleon III, Alexander II, Academician M. Butler and many other famous people of the nineteenth century. Once a hot officer who eagerly told his friends that Hume just a swindler and a magician, while lifting the air Daniel drew his sword and slashed the air under her feet Hume. However, he continued to rise slowly, then the officer jumped on the table and swung his sword over his head levitators but no invisible ropes he could not cut the … Discouraged officer threw his sword and grabbed the leg Hume and began to climb into the air with him … All attempts to catch Hume some fraud and to prove that its flights are just common focus, have failed. He really could fly!

Some scientists are now, despite the skepticism of colleagues, yet struggling with solving the mystery of levitation. Several years ago, the Dutch scientist even managed to get the float in the air a live frog, placed above a superconducting coil. Neutralization of gravity is made possible by the creation of the magnetic moment, the opposite to the magnetic field of the Earth.

But neither saints nor the same Hume had no magnets, no daunting equipment, and they are still flying! It seems to answer to the mystery of levitation scientists still far away. Well, parapsychologists believe that the two defining moments for levitation is the belief in miracles and the highest spirituality. Well, about belief in miracles among Russians, things are not so bad, no wonder that we have thrived under the guise of various frauds sorcerers and healers, but with spirituality difficult …
Perhaps many of us should stop envying the rich neighbor, get drunk to unconsciousness, fornicate with other men's wives, pollute rivers and forests? Maybe instead we should try to be clearer, love this whole fantastic world of humans, animals, and each flower travinochku? And then, I'm sure many of us will learn to fly!

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