Lewis Godfrey — twice dead, but alive!

At the 23-year-old Lewis Godfrey was attacked by robbers, and then threw the victim under the wheels of a 15-ton truck. Arrived on the scene pronounced dead a young man, but the guy has surprised even seasoned intensive care: he is risen from the dead twice.

Luce was returning home when he was attacked by several men: the criminals stole the wallet and the guy pushed into the street, right under the wheels of a 15-ton truck.

The driver of the car did not notice that a man knocked down and continued driving, dragging the lifeless body. When the scene came to a team of "first aid", Lewis was already dead.

Medics had to bring the body of a guy in a car on a blanket, as the doctors were afraid that some of the bodies may fall out of the broken body Luce.

"When I arrived there, the young man was already dead. More terrifying scenes I've ever seen, it was all in blood, and from the human body was torn off a huge chunk of skin. The intestine was torn, like bladder "- recalls the terrible duty paramedic Fokster.

Despite the injuries incompatible with life, the doctors tried to resuscitate victims of the attack: dispirited doctors were preparing to fix the time of death of Man, when suddenly one of them felt for a pulse.

Upon arrival to the hospital again Lewis heart has stopped, but the resuscitation team coped with the problem and regained the guy with the dead.

"He suffered a great loss of blood, severe head injuries, pelvic fracture and tear in the muscles of the right limb. We had to insert a titanium plate into the skull of a guy to keep the shape of the head, "- says one of the neurosurgeons who operated on Godfrey.

"When we first arrived at the hospital, we were allowed to stay with his son just a few minutes. He was connected to life-support machine and droppers, and his whole body was covered bandages. I took the child by the hand and whisper asked him not to give up, "- says the father of Lewis.

Within 16 days of the young man was in a coma, and his parents told he would never walk, and possibly talk and see, due to significant brain damage.

Once again, Lewis surprised the hospital staff: he learned to walk, talk and make their own food. From the moment of the attack and the subsequent crash took only five months, and 23-year-old is already planning to return to work.

"The most terrible news for me was the words of doctors that I could not walk. I did not want to put up with the participation of the disabled and to the best of tried to exploit their feet. After six months, I did it — I was able to walk on their own again. I was fortunate enough looked after me real professionals. Without them, I would be unlikely to stay alive "- with a sad smile tells a guy with an incredible passion for life.


Enormous respect cause doctors who saved this guy, and of course he is. Indeed, there is no limit to human possibilities, if the spirit is strong.


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