LiAZ a mobile bicycle parking developed GAZ Group

Likinskiy Bus Plant "GAZ Group" presented the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutovu bus, equipped with a mobile bicycle parking. Fastening technology to the bus luggage compartment designed for two-wheeled transport commissioned by the Department of Transportation and Development of road transport infrastructure of Moscow: Moscow authorities are now following the example of several major foreign cities are developing a program to reduce the capital's busiest roads, including creating a comfortable environment for the movement of cyclists.  Bike carrier mounted on the front bumper of a large class of low-floor buses for urban transport LiAZ 5292 environmental standard EEV ("Euro 6"). The design of the load carriers for bicycles designed with the technical features of the buses LiAZ 5292 articulated bus and urban extra large class of low-floor LiAZ 6213: buses LiAZ LiAZ 5292 and 6213 accounted for 70% of the bus fleet SUE "Mosgortrans." The press service of the GAZ Group, noted that "rack for bicycles attached to the front bumper of the bus: the cyclist can put a two-wheeled vehicle for mobile parking and drive it needs the number of stops on the bus. Thus, the cyclist is integrated into the city's public transportation system, that allows you to improve the transport situation of any large city: the use of the inhabitants of megacities cycling can increase the capacity of the streets by reducing the number of vehicles, greatly reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Overall, the program is developed by the use of cycling in Moscow includes the organization of a network of communications and cycling construction of the infrastructure. " Managing Director Likinsky bus plant Alexander Kazakov commented on the presentation of the new solution: "The project to equip a mobile bus parking for bikes is part of a large-scale co-operation of our plant with the Department of Transport in Moscow. In 2011 and 2012 we have put in the capital for more than two and a half thousand buses that is unprecedented in world practice example of a one-time upgrade the city park. "

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