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The Political Council 'Soliarnosti' fight ended due to printer
as reported
On the political council 'Soliarnosti' fight broke out, which resulted in a member of the FMG and "Solidarity" Alexander bungalows broke his nose and smashed the girl's groin member of the "Solidarity" Igor Gukovsky — there are reports from the opposition and the political council of the direct participants in their blogs.

"On Friday, the" Solidarity "is a terrible event happened," — prishet in the official community of "Solidarity" Kirill Shulika. "Bungalows, who snapped at me, shouting," I have seen death! "Broke (…) Igor Gukovsky. Hooke then allegedly ran the office, shouting, "He's beaten me the eggs." Conflict was caused by the fact that men do not share the printer, "- said the famous" discordant ". It has already caused snide remarks "colleagues" in the Democratic coalition — as one of the leaders of the "Democratic Choice" Sergei Lark stated that "It remains, perhaps, his LGBT done," and the ladies are discussing "" may have left him without a future offspring. "

About brawl occurred also writes activist and member of the "Solidarity" Karetnikova Anna — she has frequently been the hero of the opposition scandals. In his blog, in particular, she said the following:

<< In secretary sitting at the computer old Democrat X, for unexplained reasons, considering it's his computer and he relies to sit here (…) And in general, this X is sitting there, and the computer needs in order to prepare materials for groups and at some point, a young man who prepares the materials, said: I'll move over for ten minutes, I need a computer. X starts a heart-rending scream and swear that he was sitting there and always will be sitting and all peresidit. Or it is terrible. On stage there are members of the council and orgkomissii that are in turn enter into debate with H. The controversy is in a raised voice and in this sense, that he went nafig because of the computer. A respectable member of the SS even kneels in front of H., which finally becomes uncomfortable, or lynch him already is, but H. pulls his ass from the coveted chair. Under the general approval MCH sent to the computer, but the time to speak about the situation adequate word to her PC (no, not the Human Rights Center). Here distraught old Democrat X suddenly jumps salmon to damage the integrity of the MCH, and that he can, but not too much, creating a scratch under his eye. But worse — the fact that in the course of the jump he strongly moron, damages the adjacent Woman (L), causing her nose fracture without displacement of fragments and concussion >>

Also, she said, the agenda of the political council of the question was raised about the exclusion of Alexander bungalows of movement, but it was decided to leave the fighter "until the next scandal." However, assessing the reaction of members of the "Democratic Choice" (and liberal coalition) to the fight, it did not fail once again "sting" of former colleagues and declare them shake hands, writing, "The only additional consideration: H. old man still in some situations you can shake hand, it is only against the background of madmen-milovtsev which hand should not apply under any circumstances. They are sick. "

It should be added that shortly before the meeting of the IHO LBD "Solidarity" activist journalist was accused of MC in "anticipation of a corpse prisoner." In particular, Vladimir Rechkalov published on the website of "Echo of Moscow" urgent note in which he said, "That you chase the sensation of its regular human rights, for which always need a corpse, because you live about another blow interested. Bear with Anna, the autopsy will show that there is terrible, but that is not so. And then you can write a sensational and fascinating article about how inhumane Medvedevskikh-Putin regime has ruined another businessman "

Recall that he was devoted to the discussion of the political council of the liberal coalition formed of ex-officials, Vladimir Milov, Mikhail Kasyanov, Vladimir Ryzhkov and Boris Nemtsov. Despite the fact that according to the head of the capital's "Solidarity" Sergei Davidis leaders to make "many hundreds of thousands of dollars," Garry Kasparov announced that Boris Nemtsov did not have the mandate of the movement to participate in it on behalf of the "Solidarity", though did it with good intentions . According to participants, Garry Kasparov, in fact, defeated the coalition and its "partner" Boris Nemtsov.

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