Liberasty such liberasty, obgadyat even positive

An interesting article about the new developments, starts well

The new Russian weapons: Railgun Artsimo
The tests electromagnetic cannon stunned the military — trehgrammovy shell that hit a steel plate, turned it into a plasma

The heart of man in the street begins to fill with hope, well really we still do not capture the Chinese … but here it is put on the ground …

Despite the disastrous reforms in our armed forces ….

Then you can not read it. A sense if reforms are harmful, then what's the point of these new developments, the fact that the reform would be disastrous and ruin.

In short, again in tune with "the people defeated the contrary." So imagine these poor bedraggled scientists, for their money, laboring at night porters leading complex research.

A story that no menie read is quite interesting.

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