Light drones of composites will help farmers manage crop

In the Belgorod region tested technique that allows detailed monitoring of agricultural land and crops growing on them.


The pilot project is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. In the event of the success of Russian farmers will have an effective tool to control the growing season of crops, crop yield forecast and even control it. Operation of aircraft equipped with cameras today have cultivated fields, "Borisov Grain Company", which is part of the holding company "Agro-Belogorie."

Technology comes to the regular monitoring of acreage and analysis of findings. Unmanned aerial vehicles produce the specified land, then of disparate images formed by a single image, which gives valuable information about the processes occurring in the field: where and in which areas affected by frost winter wheat, maize seedlings a healthy, drought-afflicted whether barley and sunflower harvest any wait this season. All these data will help to quickly react to changing crop conditions, make timely decisions — and ultimately, improve the efficiency of agriculture.

The subject aircraft do not need a pilot, no fuel or runway. The control is off the ground with a laptop connected to the satellite navigation system. In the air the unit starts "with a light hand" test. It also sets the parameters of the flight and indicates the places to take pictures.


On board the UAV — battery, digital camera and a navigation system. The housing is made of light composite materials, so that the weight unit is not less than five pounds. It easily sits on the ears of wheat grass or plowing. It remains only to choose the landing "liner" and extract the flash card with the photographs. In the air, the plane can carry up to 60 minutes per charge. Disassembled it is transported in the trunk of a conventional car.


The results of remote sensing specialists are compared with the data of satellite imagery from satellites. According to the head of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Main Computer Center of Ministry of Agriculture of Russia" Sergei Zhelannova, drones will allow growers to achieve three main objectives: the recognition of cultures, their assessment and determination of the yield.

Until today, these aircraft in agriculture were not used. The use of them is found in the Emergencies Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Defence. Light aircraft can monitor the situation on the roads, provide accurate information on the zones of flooding and forest fires. In the service of farmers new technology could be ready next year.

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