Lindsay ESS. Return of arms

Lindsay ECC — 29 year old woman, the fate of which played a terrible joke five years ago. Because of the infection, which could take her life, doctors had to Lindsay amputate hands and feet. The girl was in a deep depression, which is trying to get out of it learn how to apply makeup, write SMS, and even walking in high heels, wearing prosthetic legs on!
But just recently, it had carried out a unique operation to transplant donor hands

— In 2007, the doctors told me the terrible news: I was diagnosed with sepsis — a serious from a medical point of view, a condition caused by a hit in the blood of infectious agents — says a resident of the U.S. state of Texas. — They made me face the fact that I need to remove the feet and hands, as the disease progresses and my life is under threat.

After the amputation of a young girl lost the ability to move, and became an invalid. According to Lindsay, she fell into a deep depression because of the stalemate and did not dream that her life will again be the same.

Two years later, a doctor of the medical centers at the University of Pennsylvania have proposed an American, a rare hand transplant operation. Doctors told Lindsay that donor hands had approached her not only on the compatibility of blood and tissues, but also in size and color.

— Only after the loss of limbs I began to appreciate many of its past — admitted ESS. — Habitual actions were a luxury for me.

While waiting for a donor, she learned how to apply their own makeup, write SMS, and to use certain appliances without using their hands. American situation eased a little after she was presented with prosthetic leg. In a short time the ECC is so well mastered a specialized device that has even started wearing high-heeled shoes.

Fortunately, soon appeared a suitable donor, and 30 doctors began the difficult operation that lasted 12 hours.

— After I recovered from the surgery, I started a new life — shared American. — After a while I went back to the teacher's work.

According to the transplant doctor, his colleagues did not cease to be surprised rapid patient recovery.

The American admitted that a year after the operation the surrounding can not distinguish it from the hands of the hands of a healthy person. ESA said that now she sees every day as a holiday and to thank the American experts for what they have done her the best gift in life.



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