Lipektsy kindergarten Baby Boom — private capital in early childhood education

"Sunlight" 25.04.2013 "Lipetsk newspaper." Victor Manaenkov
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Photo by Olga Beljakova
  • Photo by Olga Beljakova
  • Photo by Olga Beljakova

When in Lipetsk problem with the lack of places in kindergartens, and to help entrepreneurs come here: they began to actively create private preschools. One of them is called "Baby Boom" appeared recently in the district of "University" in the regional center.

  Usually in such a case is taken out a bank loan or use their own savings. With the "Baby Boom" is another story: the investor has invested money here, and it is in fact the first in the region, the practice of private capital investment in early childhood education. However, there were other sources of finance. Important for the social project lent Lipetsk regional fund for entrepreneurship, providing a kindergarten on attractive terms 600,000 rubles. Director of the "Baby Boom" Olga Golovkova received another 200000th financial assistance from the regional budget as a budding entrepreneur.

For the investor and the fund bought a spacious room to develop an original project, bought the necessary baby furniture. If the curiosity to look into the "Baby Boom", many wonder. There are only three groups of children — several people each. Total — 22 children. Neither of which is full and not a speech. On the other hand, not enough has 14 kids. Conditions for children up comfortable beautiful room, spare beds with orthopedic mattresses, plasma TV, stereo, three laptops for learning, interactive board, underfloor heating, plumbing and children's many other things in the usual kindergarten hardly see.

Everything is left to chance and to meet modern standards. For example, instead of soft toys that are prohibited, there were unusual toys from Slovenia — each of them is intended for physical and mental development of the child. There is a medical office. In it to the delight of kids they are given oxygen cocktails. A herbal tea room — for each child on the orders of a pediatrician develop a special recipe decoction of herbs to enhance immunity. Here the names of groups and unusual: "Over the Hedge," "Brothers, rabbits" and "Sunbeam."

According to Olga Golovkovo in new kindergartens to put his idea, his concept. On the example of the "Baby Boom" is also reflected in the approach to training and education of children. Here, in the first half of the day learning in general education programs, and the second — the lessons in the studios: art, music, theater, sports. And as it is now without a speech therapist and a child psychologist? Interestingly, the psychological work is being done with the children and their parents. Once a month for dads and moms psychologist conducts trainings and seminars on parenting and problem solving.

Another curious detail in the "Baby Boom" works even … marketer. He is engaged in recruiting, "Hedge", "Brattsev rabbits" and "Sunny Bunny".

It is not so easy and simple, because not all the residents of the neighborhood "University" and other places are willing to pay for the upkeep of his child 15 thousand rubles a month. But nevertheless fully staff the group is quite real, believe in "Baby Boom" and are now working hard to reduce the parental fee for kindergarten, making it affordable for many lipchan. This is all the more possible if these social projects will be supported by the government. It is clear that this trend in small business perspective. While in Lipetsk, only three non-children's garden. At the city of half a million is not enough.

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