Lipetsk apples

90 thousand tons of fruits and berries will be harvested in all categories of the Lipetsk region this year. This is more than twice that of 2010.

Of the total harvest of apples and berries in specialized farms plan to collect 35.4 tons of fruits and berries, more than half of which are scheduled to be processed on the juice and puree. In general, the area of fruit-bearing orchards in the region now stands at 13.4 million hectares, leading horticultural sector — JSC "Agri im.15 years of October" and JSC "agronomist".


Experts agro im.15 years of October on an area of 50 hectares apply modern technology of drip irrigation. Spring is here laid more than 150 acres of new orchards, almost a third — for intensive technologies that with a higher yield will bear fruit in two or three years.
Today agrofirm collect 18 tons per hectare, and total yield of the two leading specialized farms Lebediansky district of Lipetsk region higher than 15 working in the area during the Soviet era. The farm is also involved in the production of cereals and sugar beet breeding.

Provincial Department of Agriculture is developing a program of gardening, the main objectives of which will increase the area of orchards and production of quality fruit and berries. Autumn in the region plan to lay a 83 ha and 40 normal — intensive garden.

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