Lipetsk farmers set records for the collection and production of beet sugar

Gross harvest of sugar beet in 2011 in the Lipetsk region reached 3.5 million tons. This is the highest in the last 50 years. Yield of this crop in the region's average was 400 kg per hectare.

As of December 25, for the first time in the region of sugar mills processed 3 million tons of sugar beet in-goal weight. The greatest success of the team has achieved "Dobrinskiy sugar factory". To date, there have processed in registered weight 1156 tons of sugar beet, having developed 144 thousand tons of sugar. JSC "Eletskii sugar factory" processed 639 thousand tons of beets, received 84 thousand tons of sugar. Among the leaders and of "Lebedyanskiy sugar factory" — 412 thousand tons of beets and 54 thousand tons of sugar.

collection point Eletski sugar factory (September 2011)


According to the operative data of the regional department of agriculture on December 26 sugar mills in the region have developed 390 thousand tons of sugar. At the end of the season of sugar beet will get no less than 420 thousand tons of sugar.

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