Lipetsk region attracts investors

The special economic zone of industrial type "Chaplyginskaya" in the Lipetsk region attracts investors.
On May 20 the last of the Supervisory Board of the SEZ at the regional level in the regional administration approved the application of three companies for the status of members of the regional SEZ.

The new members of the zone were LLC "HORSCH Rus' (agricultural production), LLC" Antares "(building blocks, pavers and ready-mixed concrete) and CJSC" New Age agro "(components for drip irrigation systems).
Total investment will amount to 421 million rubles.

SEZ "Chaplyginskaya" was established decision of administration of the Lipetsk region number 168 of November 30, 2006.
The area — 221 hectares.
Members of the SEZ at the moment:
«TEC" Ranenburg " — Construction of a refinery complex.
The volume of industrial production — 8 billion rubles. year. The enterprise will create 90 jobs.
Ltd. "Havle Industriverke" — The construction of a plant for the production of valves capacity of 16 thousand tons of products per year. This will create 105 jobs.
Ltd. "Ropa-Rus" — Construction of assembling and service of tillage machines and beet complexes of the latest type with output of more than 3 billion rubles. year. Will create 50 jobs.

In September 2010, began to be implemented two major projects of engineering infrastructure:

Construction of the second stage of the pipeline pressure 360 mm diameter will provide participants with a special economic zone-quality gas supply of 300 million cubic meters. year.
Along with this, this branch of the pipeline will be the main reserve of stable gas supply of the whole city and Chaplygin Chaplyginsky district.
Now the gas will be supplied to the city by two branches of the main gas pipeline Petrovsk — Elec.
The estimated cost of the project — more than 50 million rubles.



Construction of the power line voltage of 110 kW from a gas compressor station to the territory of the special economic zone stretching over 14 kilometers will bring a new level of power not only built on the territory of the special economic zone enterprises, but also the entire region Chaplyginsky.
This line will provide an opportunity to enter the Russian market generating company "Tsentrteploinvest," which this year already started to build a gas compressor station in the powerful 120-megawatt power plant.
The cost of building power lines — more than 118 million rubles.
Source of funding — the investment program of OAO "Lipetskenergo".


Started preparing construction sites LLC "Havle Industriverke", "TEK Ranenburg."

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