Liquidated debts on wages Malyshev, KSAMC Chuguyivske and aircraft repair plant

State-owned enterprises debt as of January 1, 2012 was 51.2 mln. During the 2011 debt decreased by 26.3 mln. (34%). Liquidated debts of SOEs "Plant them. Malyshev '(23 mln.), Kharkov State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (15.4 mln.) And SE "Chuguivs'kyi Aircraft Repair Plant" (751.4 thousand UAH). On the utilities arrears at 1 January 2012 was 3.8 mln. During the 2011 debt decreased by 8.7 mln. (69.4%). At economically active enterprises of other forms of property debt is 11.6 mln. For 2011, it decreased by 3.9 mln. (25.1%).

According to monitoring by the end of 2011, wage arrears in the enterprises of Kharkov region decreased by 39.2 mln. (30.7%) and amounted to 88.6 mln. As compared to December 1, 2011 the amount of debt decreased by 50.8 mln. (36.4%).

At economically active enterprises debt is 66.6 mln. Compared with the beginning of 2011, the amount of debt has decreased by 39 mln. (36.9%), with the December 1, 2011 — by 50.6 mln. (43.2%). In general decrease occurred in enterprises of state and municipal ownership.

Since the beginning of January 2012 the amount of wage arrears decreased by 1.2 mln. and as of January 17 is 87.5 mln. In particular, the decrease was on KP "Harjkovblagoustrojstvo" — to 398.7 thousand UAH., SOE "Kharkiv Instrument Making Plant. Shevchenko "with EDO — to 283.2 thousand UAH., Kharkov Institute of AIDP — by 47.6 thousand UAH. and others. Liquidated debts of SOEs "Militarized rescue service" liquidation "- the amount of 111.1 thousand UAH.," Research and Engineering Company "Lakofarbpokrittya" — 52 UAH.

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