Litkarino. In pictures.

I say at once, the most ordinary places, and not in a small Litkarino no special attractions. However, positive trends in the new mayor is impossible not to notice. Virtually everything in the photo was made for the years 2011-12. In the center of the city erected a monument to defenders of the Fatherland.


By May 9, 2012 monument at the new DC area joined the four guns of the WWII.


Overgrown landscaped park, where 20 years of nothing but a few benches and a dilapidated Soviet-era gazebo was not.












Late at night the park closes, but many lights are lit all night and decorate the city.








Almost the whole city laid new sidewalks, lawns planted green grass for the first time, the balconies of many houses painted, repaired roads, etc.




It has been

It became

 In September, the day the city opens SEC "Spring" from the first movie theater in the city.


Numerous new houses are being built. Apartments fly as pies …


In fairness, it should be noted that of course there are still many places where only have to work and the new administration has just beg
inning to realize their ambitious plans, but a very good start! Visually in the city for the past two years have made more than in the previous 20 years, I guess.
ps View of a city from my window.



…31 km to the International Business Centre ;)


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