Little bastard. Car-murderer James Dean

Sometimes things and objects are able to carry their owner only misery and death. Not so many documented cases exist on Earth, as often as they are transmitted tales, but there is one story that is simply impossible to ignore. It deals with the popular American actor 50 years of the last century by the name of James Dean and his fateful car Porshe Spyder by name "The little bastard» (Little Bastard)

The history of cars began at a time when Hollywood pet bought it in 1955 to race in Salinas, held in California.

Friends tried to dissuade Dean get behind the wheel of iron "monster", as seen in it something mystical and frightening. One actor Alec Guinness said to him — "If you sit in it, then no further than a week, she will kill you"

September 30, 1955 James crashes head-on with a car another participant training run and is broken down into death. But the story is just beginning damn car.

Angela Peri — the biggest fan of James Dean as she spoke of herself, bought a broken car and invested a fortune on his recovery. She took care of "the little bastard" and even talked to him, preparing a retro car on a wedding with your loved ones.

When the car got the original luster, she went to the place it is not the tragic death of an idol. But she failed to get there because the road had an accident and broke her neck.

The court physician named Jonathan Bartsch, who decided that this series of deaths can not be an accident decided to carry out the investigation, but was killed under the wheels of his own car at the time of repair.

In 1956, a handsome retro Porshe Spyder was sold to George Burris, who was going to take it apart for parts. The front tire of the car had been sold to one of the riders who crashed shortly on concrete barriers. The cause of the accident was the burst tire. The man was left disabled for life.

At the end of the 56th year, the surgeon William Eshrik purchased a motor from George «Little Bastard», which put on your car. He crashed into a tree after a while. Another victim on account of the mystical Porshe.

In spite of all these incidents George Barris decided to restore the car and make her as a legend on the property. Transporting the body to repair the "Bastard" truck overturned. The driver managed to jump out, but came to inspect the damage his body was thrown out the ill-fated car and crushed it.

The car has been restored yet, but now he has brought only pain and suffering. 2 fan of James Dean, trying to tear the car flap upholstery and steering wheel were badly mauled by a car, as they said after.

George Barris realized that over the monster is stored in his garage and decided to hide it.

He was not seen until 1960, when the «Little Bastard» sent for exhibition in Miami. On the way back, he disappears and it does not know anything until now.

However, on account of Porshe have another zhartva. Professor Jonathan Bartsch, conducting its own investigation into the records of Jonathan Barca in 1998 came to the conclusion that the reason for all the events was the phenomenon of "avtotavr", which arises as a consequence of excessive love of man to machine.

November 22, 1998 Professor found dead in their own kitchen. His hair fell in a food processor …


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