Little Panda Ball is the new hero of the Web — VIDEO

December 25, 2012 19:17

"If this video with a little panda is not touched by you, then you probably are dead," — writes The Huffington Post. Indeed, the movie, which captures baby playing with his Christmas present, will make anyone smile.

In one of the most famous zoos in the United States in the Californian city of San Diego a few months ago it was his own star. Giant Panda cub, nicknamed Xiao Livu (or sausage, as it is called co-workers) once conquered all others with its charm.

Recently received a gift of baby green ball. It should help your child to develop motor skills. According to witnesses, Sausage developing new skills at an incredible pace. True, he accepted a gift, not as a simulator, as well as a fun toy.

Tiny panda until more like a stuffed animal than the animal from predators squad, was born in July. A few weeks ago, the beast has hardly gone, and now quite cheerfully moved. Xiao Livu always practicing in public. Now he is preparing for the exhibition. The entire period of its growth will be made public, which can learn more about these amazing animals, like pandas. See other videos with little panda on the official channel of the zoo on YouTube.

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