Living Dead — awful reality of the XXI century

March 16, 2012 22:11


Instinctive belief in zombies — the living dead — as well as the belief in any kind of witchcraft, widely (and, note, not without reason!) Prevalent in Haiti, Tahiti and all, without exception, the West Indies. So much so that the poorest peasants, do not hesitate to pay more for heavy stone slabs to lay on the graves of their relatives. This is to ensure that the bodies could not steal the evil sorcerers, Bokor, who is said to be using special manipulations make them as if in a half-dead, that is, a zombie, and then removed in the most remote areas, where exploited as slaves or killers . While zombies can eat, breathe and move, they can not think, do not know who they are, and in general on purely lack of memory …

 All this sounds like a scary story for the night, but there are hundreds of real cases of zombies, and it continues for a very long time. For example, in 1989, a police officer met the woman zombie is not paying attention to him, mindlessly wandered through the village. And he knew it — it was Natazhetta Joseph, who died in 1973 at age 43, he participated in the drafting of the act of dying. (Explanation of this case will be given later.)

But one of the most famous stories about zombies — a history Klervyu Narcisse, the only zombie who became a star television. One day in 1982, Angelina Narcisse was shopping in the market of their village, when a voice whispered in her ear childhood nickname her long-dead brother Klervyu. He died of fever 18 years ago, Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Deshappele and the next day he was buried in the local cemetery.
Angelina knew that nickname brother could only know the family, and called them by nicknames only a child! She was in utter amazement when I heard it. But it is impossible to pass a measure by its shock when she turned to see the speaker! Swaying on unsteady legs, bleary-eyed, her standing … Klervyu!

No wonder that she immediately fainted! Recovering, she firmly stated that this is really her presumed dead brother. His personality is also confirmed by family members and more than 200 villagers. This out of the way history has attracted such media attention that came even television crew BBC BBC in the UK, to a film about it. But most important was the fact that the zombies, in contrast to all previous known, was mobile, with normal speech, and could not tell how he became a zombie, and what happened to him next.

It turned out that he had a fight with his brother over land, and he paid the Bokor to witch zombie Klervyu. Bokor has given "order" unknown poison that caused the first symptoms like fever, and then plunged it into a trance, outwardly indistinguishable from death. In this Klervyu was fully conscious but completely paralyzed. His skin was waxy pale, and my heart almost stopped beating. Two doctors examined him and recognized the dead and Klervyu was buried alive!

After a while it was still paralyzed, and dug out of the grave Bokor, gave it a different drug, allowed to move slowly, but depriving the possibility of thinking, then Bokor sent the victim to the south of Haiti, where Klervyu for several years had been a slave and worked with other zombies constantly oppressed master-Bokor. He would never have escaped from captivity, but once the other zombies suddenly awakened so that Bokor attacked and killed him. Ended with the death of the sorcerer tricks potions and their effects gradually disappeared. Klervyu started to remember who he is and what happened. In subsequent years, he wandered around; learning that his brother died, he returned to al-Esther, where he met his sister in the market Angelina.

This amazing story made a great impression on the American biologist Wade Davis, and he decided to find out for sure exactly what drugs are used for zombiing: those that cause paralysis, return the ability to move, "washed" the brain of victims, which Bokor chosen for the purpose.

After visiting Haiti, investigated the matter and extracting samples from Davis found that temporarily paralyzing venom contains two very interesting components. One of them — tetrodoksin, strong substance that affects the nervous system and causes a rapid profound paralysis. It is derived from abounding in areas of special rare species of fish that are extremely toxic. The other part has a powerful analgesic and hallucinogenic effect of this material is released from skin cancer is very poisonous cane toads Bufo Marinus. On his stunning discoveries of scientists said in the book "The Serpent and the Rainbow."
As for animating and controlling mind drugs, they found Datura, a plant that the locals call "zombie cucumber." Among the symptoms caused by it — hallucinations, chaos in his mind, the lack of orientation and complete numbness — typical signs of zombies, however, it was clear that in the process of making a zombie involved something more than the listed substances, because even ceasing to receive them, zombies rarely return in the normal state of consciousness remains depressed until the arrival of this death.

Davis suggested the following: if paralyzed, buried alive before the zombies are victims in coffins underground for quite some time, they have a lack of oxygen, which leads to permanent brain damage, increase the expression of psychotropic effects of Datura. The reason why the consciousness Klervyu cleared when receiving Datura stopped, obviously, lies in the fact that he stayed so long in the grave, to anoxia reached a critical level.
Dealing with a problem, incidentally Davis made another important discovery. Zombies may not have been the innocent victims of the evil Bokor. Zombies are most often the people who himself was the cause of poverty, and as a result brought on themselves in trouble as anger or jealousy relatives neighbors, who paid Bokor, wanting to severely punish the offender.

— Zombies in the literal sense can be called living dead — says Dr. Davis.
— Judge for yourself: to be paralyzed by a witch's potions, presumed dead, lie down in a coffin alive, resurrected by the will of the sorcerer and then be a slave for years, devoid of consciousness, will, and memory — if it is not worse than death, if it is not life dead, then what is it?

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Psi Factor »№ February 2012

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