Ljiljana Bulatovic: I am telling the truth about General Mladic

In the Writers' Union of Russia held a presentation of the book "Serbian General Mladic. The fate of Defender of the Fatherland "20.03.2013

"When a few days ago, an advance copy of this book into the hands of the general who is in prison in Scheveningen, The Hague Tribunal, he asked me to convey that despite everything to live for the sake of the victory of truth, for the sake of the dignity of the Serbian people! — Asked the author of the book, well-known journalist Ljiljana Bulatovic to the audience in Russian joint venture. — Dear friends, brothers and sisters! Thank you that you are my soul, his knowledge and his determination made possible the publication of the evidence of the truth. Thank you for the endless love that you gave me from the first meeting and to this day! I know that at the heart of this love — our shared commitment to General Ratko Mladic and Serbian Orthodox people of the Balkans. "

— Liliana, even before the publication of your book we published in the "Century" of its fragments. "Serbia lucky country, if such men give birth!" — Responded to the written material is one of the readers. "A man of honor, valor, and a true patriot" — says another.

— Do not get tired of repeating: the truth — it is the most precious thing in people, not only in Serbia, the Balkans, but throughout the world. Well, the truth is that Ratko Mladic — the Serbian real warrior who fought and continue to fight for freedom and justice. Now, when the destiny of his people in jeopardy, he languishes in prison of the Hague Tribunal. But his compatriots waiting for the return of the general, who rejects all the false accusations against him. 

Serbs still not be the most sophisticated methods of erasure of historical memory and self-esteem. I got acquainted with a lot of documents, and the fact that I know conclusively that: Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic — are symbols of the struggle for a decent life and freedom of the Serbian people in the territory where Serbs were the masters over the centuries.

— I will utter only one word: "Srebrenica" …

— "The owners of the world", defending their interests, entered Srebrenica devastating Balkan scenario with completely defined objectives. The latter are known: the intention of the creators of the "New World Order" in relation to the Balkans is there to form a government, "Muslims" — or restore the Ottoman Empire — that this formation can be manipulated in the interests of the European Union and the United States, on the one hand, and the money bags Muslim part of the world — on the other. To this end, trampling the truth, they are pushing a terrible accusation — and at the same time the verdict — a shameless system of evidence that the Serbs of the Republika Srpska Army soldiers, guilty of genocide against Muslims, and indeed the Republic of Srpska — the fruit of genocide. British Prime Minister David Cameron said: can not and must not forget the genocide in Srebrenica, a "crime may be ashamed of the whole of Europe."

For many years I deeply studied the phenomenon called "Srebrenica". Read and analyzed thousands of documents of the military, the judiciary, the civil power, a lot of books about the fate of the Muslims, through the numerous documentary footage, talking with dozens of victims and witnesses of suffering — both Serbs and Muslims.

So, after the foundation in 1993, the so-called "tribunal" in The Hague, has been put on the conveyor hypocrisy law. I will do my best to be ashamed of such a world, only one-sided interpretation of the events in Srebrenica. During the meeting with Ratko Mladic in prison "Tribunal" in Scheveningen, the general said to me, the whole arsenal of disgusting and false accusations against him the greatest outrage he caused the assertion that, while in Srebrenica in July 1995, he was in front of TV and movie cameras handed out candy to children, and immediately after taking away their. And this "fact" is included in the evidence base of the charges against General …

— In your book you write about their encounters with Ratko Mladic in a variety of situations. And the reader understands the general — a man of very strong will.

— Many enemies, and friends, analysts and journalists around the world were asked the same question to themselves and to me, why Ratko Mladic did not commit suicide? Many scoundrels hoped to enjoy the death of a man, and then declare that to commit suicide made his conscience. But it was his conscience and love for his people make him strong, able to withstand all the absurd and false accusations of the Hague Tribunal. Even while in prison, he told me that it must "unite and rally serbstvo around the world," to fight for the Majestic, not Greater Serbia! And I repeated what has repeatedly said in court the court sessions, namely in The Hague, he does not protect himself, and the Serbian people.

His attempt to corner — in order to prove their innocence innocent before his persecutors and torturers to retreat and were ashamed of their suffering and their resistance to the invaders. I was in the Serbian village of Skelani, where 16 January 1993 Commander of the Horde faction of the Muslim Naser Oric troops have killed 69 Serbs and injured hundreds. With impunity. Among those killed was a four year-old, who was gunned down on his mother's arms …

It bandits Oric in April 1992 seized Srebrenica, and the massacre began on May 6 the local Serb community. Raped and killed women, dead children, chipped Serbian boys — that's a memory that will always lead me to the proof of the truth. I'm waiting for the day of vengeance truth and do everything possible to bring it closer.

— The United States simply wiped his feet on the Charter of the United Nations, unleashing — under the flag of NATO-naked aggression against Yugoslavia, the heroes of which were declared to be "a fighter for human rights and the great champion of democracy," President Bill Clinton and the heads of states of the North Atlantic bloc.

— To quote Professor Rajko Czech Dolecheka twenty years lived in Yugoslavia. "Whether accused President Clinton, who approved the use of missiles against the Serbs" Tomahawk "with their" side-effect "- this sterile military term stands for the killing of civilians," — he asked rhetorically, knowing full well that this will never happen. "I do wish that the lofty idea of fair, impartial, politically partisan tribunal that would punish war crimes would have been so prostituted and belittled in the interests of the great powers," — he said.

The hypocrisy and lies — are the main components of double standards of the West. In Europe and the U.S. believe the U.S. General Norman Schwarzkopf, the great hero. Only for the fact that on his orders during the 55-day raid on Baghdad bombs and rockets killed 33,000 children and as many women.

So what we have with the West are completely different concepts of heroism.

— For fifteen years ago in the Russian translation of your book came out, "General Mladic — a war criminal?". There were other works. Tell me, why the general did not want to talk about himself?

— Frankly, I also asked this question for a long time hoping that Ratko Mladic, as expressed, "takes up the pen", or describe their military career. Yes, and his comrades-in-arms could do it. But one day, in the presence of his mother, he made it clear how it honors the
wisdom that lies in the word "silence anyone not win." When I finally understood that the general would not talk about himself in the first person, then vowed: I will write about it all that I know of him, his friends and colleagues. For stories, the same stories that sooner or later everyone and everything placed. On the basis of the documents in my books, I tell the truth about the life of Ratko Mladic. To refute the allegations western liars that he is not only a war criminal, but simply criminal. No, I have not met until now another person who would live as honestly as General. It was his honesty, immense love for his people attracted me to his biography.

— Russian readers have not seen your latest book. But the reader will conclude the conversation words, responded to the publication of the manuscript fragments in our newspaper a few words: "The hero and patriot

— Yes, your reader to understand the idea of the book is true. Today, Ratko Mladic, accused of crimes he did not commit — in the prison of the Hague Tribunal. But patriot, General Mladic — above all in the mind of every honest man, I know in my heart that Mladic Serbs. And many of those Russian, I know. We firmly bind all the traditional love of our people and Orthodoxy. So it was, so it is and will be! Thanks to readers of "Century"!

Interview by Victor Gribachev

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