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Acoustic vibrators are, apparently, and menhirs. Maybe it was to enhance the piezoelectric effect to them to shape a pointed pencil — the maximum compressive strain and focused, like the dolmen, menhir at the bottom. It is possible that under the menhirs and enclose a special "heel" stones, with a strong piezoelectric effect.

The question of the energy source feeding the acoustic vibrators, megaliths, requires further consideration. It is possible that the tidal action of the moon and sun are just a "trigger" (or, as the researchers say, trigger), which included some other sources of energy. This is evidenced by a small study Furduev. It was decided to check whether there are any patterns in the arrangement of the terrain zapadnokavkazskih dolmens, in particular, whether there was any connection with certain of their geological structures. To this end, we combined the two cards — card-distribution scheme of dolmens in the Western Caucasus, resulting in the cited monograph VI Markovin and geological map of the Caucasus, compiled, edited by Academician DV Nalivkina.

The result was quite interesting. Namely, revealed a clear link locations dolmens with geologic faults. About 70 percent of dolmens "strung" like beads on a thread, on the geological faults that from a statistical point of view can not be accidental. Active geological fault, according to modern ideas, is an area of the periodic discharge of the internal energy of the Earth's tectonic. This discharge is in the form of blocks of the earth's crust movements, earthquakes, volcanic activity and other processes. In this passage of the tidal wave, the attraction of the moon caused by the sun or may serve as a "trigger", causing a periodic discharge of the energy in a different form, including as a movement of large blocks of rock. Hence it is clear that the periodic compression and expansion of rocks (and the piezoelectric phenomenon) in fault zones should exhibit much stronger than in the quiet areas.

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