LORP completed the shipment of the river Viluy

As of June 13, 2013 by the courts of "Lena United River Shipping" sent 200 tons of cargo, 24 tons more than last year's report on that date. In the transport part of the transport fleet of 150 units, the report goaoritsya Company.
Complete shipment of the river Viluy. The forecast of 86.2 thousand tons of delivery, sent 84.4 tons, it remains to ship 1.8 million tons of gas condensate fuel oil from Kyzyl-Cheese on Suntar. Construction materials with Mohsogoloha to n-Cheese Kyzyl follow in the amount of 7.5 million tons. Tanker "Lenaneft-2054" with methanol, the movement of which is under special control, it should be on Vilyui rivers; approximate arrival in Kyzyl-Syr — June 15. On the basis of reservoir releases Vilyui, navigation on Vilyue will be short. On the importation of goods into the river Viluy items involved 70 units of the fleet, including 5 floating cranes, 14 tugs, barges and self-propelled fleet. Basically, it's loads of strategic importance for the annual livelihoods surrounding areas: petroleum products in bulk, coal, food (flour).
For operational management vilui operation and provide practical assistance sudoekipazham moving and handling of the fleet at Viluy sent Deputy General Director of JSC "LORP" on the fleet.

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