LORP ordered two self-propelled tank barges

Lena United River Shipping (LORP) March 15, 2012 entered into an agreement with "Nobel Shipyard" on the construction of two non-propelled oil barges with deadweight of 4300 tons each.

The new barge will be built on the class of Russian Maritime Register. Other details of the transaction parties are not yet disclosed.

Of "Lena United River Shipping" is the only transportation company in the Arctic regions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Provides passenger and freight transport on inland river and sea routes. On the balance of the shipping company are more than 350 trucks, tugboats, support vessels and passenger total capacity of 450 thousand tons.

Ltd. "Nobel Shipyard" was founded in 1907. Specializes in the construction of marine and river vessels, and also performs ship repair work. It is the largest shipbuilding enterprise in the Upper Volga. Area businesses more than 214 thousand square meters. m, of which 100 thousand square meters. m busy with well-equipped manufacturing plants. The Group employs over 500 people.

The company cooperates with Dutch customers in the manufacture of shells for dry cargo vessels, tankers, barges and other vessels. Towing buildings in Europe is produced along the route: Port of Rybinsk — Rybinsk Reservoir — the Volga-Baltic Canal — Lake Onega — Lake Ladoga — the port of St. Petersburg.

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