Loser does not shine LUZAR

October 21, 2011 in St. Petersburg LUZAR company opened a plant for the production of radiators. Among the potential big customers — the leading Russian car factories — AvtoVAZ, and AUTO-FRAMOS.

"Before coming to the market LUZAR industrial complex in the country did not open new businesses auto parts — used in the USSR started manufacturing sites. We have a kind of pioneers in this field ". —Commercial Director Peter LUZAR nechiporenko.

-Today, we have confidence in the fact that after 5 years, the plant will be one of the leading suppliers in the Russian Avtoradiatory for all enterprises in the country, collecting cars.

-Until the end of 2011, the plant will start operating a second production line. In 2012 — the launch of the third line. By this time, our production capacity will produce up to 500,000 coils per year.

The ceremonial cutting of red tape:

Plant LUZAR is now open!

The average salary of workers at work — 20 000 rubles. Plus, medical insurance, meals and extra food.

Production capacity:

Factory workers LUZAR demonstrate production of a new high-quality products:

-Shells of our radiators. — Jamil Jalalov

The plant specialists are working on a modern semi-automatic equipment, which has no analogues in Russia. Minimized the percentage of waste production and has arranged a refund for recycling "waste of raw materials."

The first, now became "rarity", the sample radiator manufacturing plant LUZAR:

The product quality of the highest level:

Radiators production LUZAR able to compete with foreign counterparts:

Happy Birthday, LUZAR!

Photo report — Andrew Haustov.

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